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On FIFA 14, PES 2014 And Soccer Games Hitting A Glass Ceiling

By S.Cadet | 8 Comments

This article began life as a traditional standoff between video game's football powerhouses: FIFA 14 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 for current-gen systems.


Bust Your Guns: ‘Battlefield 4′ Review

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 3 Comments

How could DICE develop Battlefield 4 to make it worth $60? We went looking for the answers.


Infographic: PS3 And Xbox 360 All Took Four Years To Peak

By AJ | 11 Comments

According to the stats, no gaming console peaks right out the gate.

2K Sports

NBA 2K14′s Trailer Set To “Hate Me Now”…Yes Please

By David D. | 18 Comments

Just as everyone is ripping the packaging off of their copies of Madden, 2K14 drops a nuke to remind everyone who's the top dog in the sports video game field.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

‘Saints Row 4′ Was Going To Feature Stephen Colbert, “The Rock,” Dragons

By AJ | 6 Comments

What started as a Costco-brand alternative to Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of gaming's biggest cult hits, and if you aren't already hip, upcoming Saints Row IV should give you the perfect opportunity to catch up.

2012 In Review

The 9 Best Video Games Of 2012

By TSSCrew | 40 Comments

2012 has been pretty good to us neckbeards now that the year is almost in the books.

Arkane Studios

“Revenge Is A Dish…”: Dishonored Review

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 6 Comments

When we first saw Dishonored (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) at E3 in 2011, the trailer sold us up on a fast-paced, action-packed assassin thriller.

Borderlands 2

“If It Ain’t Broke…”: Borderlands 2 Review

By S.Cadet | 10 Comments

Some game designers will tell you the key to a good product requires making 15 minutes of fun spread out into hours of entertainment.

EA Sports

Fox In The Box: FIFA 13 Review

By S.Cadet | 8 Comments

Fans allow football to tug at their heart strings weekend in and out.


Playing Catch Up: 10 Fantastic Video Games You Might’ve Missed

By S.Cadet | 22 Comments

Gamers know the summer usually sucks for new releases.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Trailer Debuts New Characters, Guns And Other Awesome Stuff

By S.Cadet | 2 Comments

We're in a time where the game industry looks more and more like Hollywood.


Join The Ghosts: Review Of “Ghost Recon Future Soldier”

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 2 Comments

Tom Clancy titles often stand at the top of military-based games.

Beyond: Two Souls

No More Sequels: 10 Of The Best New Games Unveiled At E3 2012

By S.Cadet | 18 Comments

E3, the biggest hype machine of the games industry, has become more about letting the public know about the next big sequel in franchise X.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Question Of The Day: Do You Play Games Online?

By S.Cadet | 34 Comments

Video games are a far cry from the days where you're snotty-nosed self raged at games being unfair.

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