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Benzino Releases Song About Being Shot By His Nephew

By TSSCrew | 14 Comments

"N*ggas shot up my car, walk away like Benzino"


Science Grew Vaginas In A Lab And Implanted Them In Women Who Had No Vaginas

By TSSCrew | 23 Comments

Science found cures for polio, smallpox and tuberculosis. Now science is growing vaginas.


In Which A Guy Drinks An Entire Bottle Of Hennessy In 30 Seconds

By J. Tinsley | 26 Comments

Next up, a hangover even the Devil himself couldn't fathom.


Two Men Were Arrested For Trying To Save New York City Cops From Violent Diarrhea

By Word | 8 Comments

The po’lice aren’t just donut and brutality fiends; they also have a thing for White Castle as well.


A Florida Man Killed His Boss For Posting His Picture On The Internet

By Word | 26 Comments

And you thought you hated when your friends tagged you in pictures.


A Father Allegedly Tried To Kill His Son For Telling Mom About His Affair

By TSSCrew | 18 Comments

A Michigan man was arraigned last week in the most "No Snitching" case ever.


Nun Gives Birth To Nine Pound Baby In Italy, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

By Word | 16 Comments

A Salvadoran nun was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after experiencing weird stomach cramps that turned out to be labor pains. Because, oh yeah, she was pregnant.

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