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Benzino Releases Song About Being Shot By His Nephew

By TSSCrew | 14 Comments

"N*ggas shot up my car, walk away like Benzino"


Science Grew Vaginas In A Lab And Implanted Them In Women Who Had No Vaginas

By TSSCrew | 23 Comments

Science found cures for polio, smallpox and tuberculosis. Now science is growing vaginas.


In Which A Guy Drinks An Entire Bottle Of Hennessy In 30 Seconds

By J. Tinsley | 26 Comments

Next up, a hangover even the Devil himself couldn't fathom.


Two Men Were Arrested For Trying To Save New York City Cops From Violent Diarrhea

By Word | 8 Comments

The po’lice aren’t just donut and brutality fiends; they also have a thing for White Castle as well.


A Florida Man Killed His Boss For Posting His Picture On The Internet

By Word | 26 Comments

And you thought you hated when your friends tagged you in pictures.


A Father Allegedly Tried To Kill His Son For Telling Mom About His Affair

By TSSCrew | 18 Comments

A Michigan man was arraigned last week in the most "No Snitching" case ever.


Nun Gives Birth To Nine Pound Baby In Italy, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

By Word | 16 Comments

A Salvadoran nun was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after experiencing weird stomach cramps that turned out to be labor pains. Because, oh yeah, she was pregnant.


That Sign Language Interpreter At Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Was Signing Gibberish

By Word | 62 Comments

"He's a complete fraud. He wasn't even doing anything, There was not one sign there. Nothing. He was literally flapping his arms around."

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