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Jay Z

Jay-Z & Kanye West Feat. Frank Ocean – “No Church In The Wild” Video

By Gotty™ | 23 Comments

In between touring, fashion shows and fatherhood, Jay and Kanye couldn't manage to eek out a video for "No Church In The Wild," the intro track to last year's Watch The Throne.

Digital News

Kanye & Jay Settle “The Joy” Sample Lawsuit, Syl Johnson Keeps Eating

By Gotty™ | 5 Comments

According to TMZ, Syl Johnson sucked some of "The Joy" out of one of Kanye and Jay's Watch The Throne tracks or rather he left it in return for a chunk of money.


Jay-Z & Kanye West – “N*ggas In Paris” Video

By David D. | 32 Comments

From the moment those first notes from Hit-Boy's epic "N*ggas In Paris" track, it became the standout song from WTT.


The Throne Steps Off The Stage To Tour Kanye’s Old Neighborhood

By Beware | 6 Comments

There's always been something extremely inspiring about watching icons step foot into their former stomping grounds.

Digital News

Jay-Z: “You Might See A ‘Throne’ Album Next Year”

By Ryan J. | 12 Comments

Kanye West and Jay-Z play "Niggas In Paris" multiple times during each stop of their Watch The Throne tour because it gets the people going.

Digital News

First Look: Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Watch The Throne” Tour Setlist

By Gotty™ | 10 Comments

Jay & Kanye's "Watch The Throne" tour kicks off in Atlanta with the first of two nights and above we get a glimpse of all the hits that will be played.

Digital News

Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Why I Love You” Single Artwork

By Gotty™ | 16 Comments

I wanted to wait to see if the artwork for "Why I Love You" was legit since it looked exactly like the art for "N*ggas In Paris." Def Jam confirms the authenticity and the track featuring Mr.

Digital News

Jay-Z & Kanye’s “N*ggas In Paris” Single Artwork

By Gotty™ | 23 Comments

The artwork for Jay & 'Ye's WTT next single, the Hit-Boy produced track "N*ggas In Paris.


“Primetime” – Review Of Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne

By Ryan J. | 112 Comments

It happened: Jay-Z and Kanye West teamed up to create Watch the Throne, the pair’s industry sea-parting and most ambitious album yet.

Digital News

Jay-Z & Kanye West Facing “Watch The Throne” Sample Lawsuit?

By Gotty™ | 42 Comments

Looks like soul singer Syl Johnson's going to take a quick piss over all of the "The Joy" Kanye & Jay have had surrounding Watch The Throne.


Jay-Z & Kanye West Cover Newest Issue Of RESPECT

By Gotty™ | 35 Comments

YN's never been one to shy away from bold proclamations and he makes a lofty statement on the cover of RESPECT, declaring Jay-Z and Kanye's latest as "the most important album in Hip-Hop history.

Digital News

Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne” Sells 436K, Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard

By TC | 11 Comments

As if anyone expected anything less from the biggest iTunes album of all time, Jay and 'Ye nearly score a gold plaque within Watch The Throne's first week with 436,000 units moved.

Digital News

“Watch The Throne” Owns New iTunes Sales Record

By Gotty™ | 31 Comments

The earlier reports are in and they point towards a first-week win for Jay and Kanye's Watch The Throne.

99 Jamz

Jay-Z Talks “Watch The Throne” Marketing Strategy, Forbes List & Protecting Hip-Hop

By Gotty™ | 38 Comments

Jay-Z calls into Miami's 99 Jamz to chop it up with Lorenzo Thomas and the topics run the gamut, ranging from the sales approach behind Watch Throne, "Otis," how Beyonce is the next Michael Jackson (yes), making the Forbes list and more.

Aziz Ansari

Jay-Z & Kanye’s “Otis” Maybach To Be Auctioned For East African Charity

By Gotty™ | 21 Comments

One of the biggest reactions from last night's premiere of Kanye & Jay's "Otis" video would have to be "they f*cking cut up a Maybach," perhaps a symbol of the seemingly gratuitous nature for which Watch The Throne has been criticized.

Aziz Ansari

Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Otis” Video

By Raj | 76 Comments

Since exploding at midnight on Monday, Watch the Throne has been Hip-Hop's sole topic of conversation and now Jay-Z and Kanye add more fuel to the fire with the visuals to "Otis," directed by Spike Jonze.

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