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Here’s Why Premium TV Providers Push Bogus Plans

By S.Cadet | 4 Comments

Cable and satellite providers are really good at offering hundreds of channels when you'll likely watch a few at most.


First World Problems: What Will You Do With Your Netflix Subscription?

By S.Cadet | 13 Comments

Netflix's well-publicized price plan changes have caught the Internet's rage for weeks with subsrcibers' threats to cancel the service left and right.

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The Fresh That Keeps On Giving: Day Seven

By Gotty™ | 105 Comments

Ever since the Jay concert aired, I've been keeping a quiet eye on Fuse and it's been a refuge for those times when nothing else is going on.


Today’s Time Waster: The Best Of Bruh Man

By Gotty™ | 14 Comments

There's really no need for words to set the context.

Lil Wayne

“The View” Supports Cannabis

By TSSCrew | 10 Comments

Words By Prop Jay I cannot get over the awkwardness of this sh*t.


“Patrick Chewing”

By TSSCrew | 15 Comments

Words By Jason Hortillas For my Knicks fans, at least you have something you can laugh about.

Jim Cramer

“Silence Of The Financial Lamb”

By Gotty™ | 9 Comments

As if the first round three days ago wasn't enough, Jon Stewart served Jim Cramer with another dosage on The Daily Show.


Continuing On The Road To Redemption…

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

Preview clips of next week's Road To Redemption, where T.


T.I.’s Road To Redemption, Episode 1

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

T.I.'s Road to Redemption - MTV Shows I actually got the screener for this the other day.

Angela Simmons

Daddy’s Little Girls…

By TSSCrew | 19 Comments

Words By Jason Hortillas Daddy's Girls - MTV Shows - Run's House (Season 4) - MTV Shows If you watch MTV, you're eventually going to get bombarded with ads for this new spin-off reality show "Daddy's Girls," starring Angela and Vanessa Simmons.

Around The Horn

“Just The Homegirl From New Jersey…”

By Beware | 10 Comments

I'm surprised my mom never called me with the heads up.

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