Much like watching The Wire, I don't really need any excuse to play or write about "International Players Anthem." I ran this track back so many times when it first dropped that I almost certain it's the reason my iPod hard drive fried. So you can imagine my delight when this Sims version of the video popped up in the Google Reader. As great as it is, I need a couple of questions answered. 1. Why are Bun and Pimp skinny? Are fat people banned in The Sims? 2. I thought the basis of The Sims was users controlled one avatar? Is this like a Sims version of a flash mob or was this the creation of one person with a roomful of computers and a lot of free time? Yeah, that's all I got. If you're still reading this, the only thing I've got to say is push play and enjoy. Seen: Steady Bloggin'.