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A Florida Man Killed His Boss For Posting His Picture On The Internet

By Word | 26 Comments

And you thought you hated when your friends tagged you in pictures.


George Zimmerman Was “Guest Of Honor” At Florida Gun Show And Things Went Great

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

Anytime weird, unbelievable news of the Daily Crazy variety comes across my e-desk, I automatically assume it happened in one of three locations: Florida, Arizona or Walmart.

Crime And Punishment

Florida Man Kills Friend Over Chicken Foot

By AJ | 17 Comments

"No one deserves to die over a chicken foot."

Bad Parenting

Florida Woman Bites Teen Daughter’s Breast During Fight Over Money

By Word | 16 Comments

A Florida woman's been charged with child abuse after allegedly biting her daughter's nipple during a dispute about collecting social security benefits.


Florida Police Open Fire On Unarmed Man Getting Cigarettes From His Car

By Word | 41 Comments

Add “looking for cigarettes in your mother’s car” to the list of things worthy of Florida police's gunfire.


Man Allegedly Pimps Out Florida Model After Luring Her To NYC Via Instagram

By Word | 38 Comments

Women thirsty for Instagram "likes" may want to be a bit more cautious of creeps who suggest they can financially "take care" of them.

George Zimmerman

Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida, All States With Stand Your Ground Laws

By TSSCrew | 24 Comments

"You can't just talk about it," Stevie Wonder told concertgoers in Quebec City.

Bad Parenting

Woman Leaves Kids In Car To Attend Lil Wayne Concert

By AJ | 38 Comments

I don't have any kids, so I could be totally wrong here.

Brandon Crosley

A Florida Man Allegedly Beats Up His Father Over Some Kool-Aid

By Word | 9 Comments

Photo: Brevard County Sheriff's Office Cops are accusing a Florida man of beating up his father during an argument over the proper way to make Kool-Aid. 22-year-old Brandon Crosley of Cocoa, Florida was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly punching his father, 48-year-old Greg Crosley, "two or three times" in the head.

Edward Zipperer

Florida Man Allegedly Stabs Brother Over Missing Mac And Cheese

By Word | 9 Comments

A Florida man apparently isn't his brother's keeper after allegedly stabbing his sibling over missing macaroni and cheese.

Domestic Abuse

Florida Woman Arrested For “Violently Yanking” Boyfriend’s Penis

By Ryan J. | 22 Comments

Tampa, Florida's Laquavia Sharelle Wallace will go down in the annals of crazy girlfriend arrest history after being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery yesterday when she yanked her boyfriend's penis during a fight.

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