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Attention Deficit

On J. Cole’s Debut & Mainstream Success

By Ryan J. | 38 Comments

J. Cole released his Roc Nation debut last week and the disgruntled fan masses awoke with a myriad of opinions.

Cookin Soul

Great Drake Videos He Didn’t Even Make

By TC | 11 Comments

I recently read that Drake is a socially awkward, lip-puckering roody-poo whose best moments happen when he's off camera.

Get Right Radio: Summer 2010

Drake – “Find Yuh Love (DJ Benzi Remix)”

By Beware | 11 Comments

Thank Me Later was copped it's second week out and still hasn't gotten a single spin.


“Unforgettable” – Review Of Drake’s Thank Me Later

By TSSCrew | 191 Comments

No introduction needed for this one, as adoring fans and awaiting haters have anticipated the release of Thank Me Later since the DeGrassi graduate took music by storm a year ago. With the success of “Over” and a new leak with a new Hip-Hop A-lister every week for months, the foundation’s been laid for Drake to seize Hip-Hop’s spotlight. And seize it he does. Thank Me Later is pure platinum pop, 15 tracks of masterful songcraft with only a few hiccups. Rarely does a transition lag and or a sample sound out of place. Drake excels as a versatile performer capable of creating soothing melodies such as those on the sublime “Karaoke,” while remaining street enough to trade rhymes with rough around the edges Young Money cohorts. The album’s greatest strength is its balance—Drake never drifts too far into one style, ensuring the album maintains its universal appeal throughout. Equally as impressive are his hooks—his Auto-Tuned wailing on “Miss Me,” or “The Resistance” upgrade good tracks to great and stay in your head long after you’ve plucked out your headphones. This same quality makes him a master collaborator, allowing his superiorly talented lyrical peers to upstage him on verses without relinquishing ownership of the track. In this environment, his guests turn in virtuoso performances. Young Jeezy provides a welcome dose of thug motivation on the night-riding anthem “Unforgettable.” Weezy makes an appearance in between court dates to bless “Miss Me” with an appropriately alien flow. And Hov stops by to prove he still holds the crown with his ridiculous “triple entendre” spot on “Light Up.


Drake – “You Know, You Know” (Produced By Kanye West)

By David D. | 28 Comments

With Thank Me Later leaking a couple of weeks before the album is supposed to officially drop, smart money has the iTunes version and retail version containing a few more Easter Eggs than originally intended.

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