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Derek Pike

Smoke DZA Feat. The Kid Daytona – “Cool Sh*t” Video

By TC | 2 Comments

Now that Steve Williams is in the unemployment line, he may find work in Harlem and the Bronx, where Smoke DZA and The Kid Daytona hold council.


Smoke DZA Feat. Big K.R.I.T. – “Gotta Get Paid” Video

By J. Tinsley | 5 Comments

So what do you do when there's two artists on tour together, who have recorded songs together in the past and found a sliver of free time.

Lex Luger

Smoke DZA & Odd Future’s Domo Genesis Get “Loaded”

By Gotty™ | 5 Comments

DZA invites in Odd Future member Domo Genesis for the remix of "Loaded," the Lex Luger produced track off THC.


“White Papers” – Review Of Smoke DZA’s T.H.C. (The Hustler’s Catalog)

By Raj | 8 Comments

Before the roaches of George Kush da Button could cool off, Smoke DZA -- Hip-Hop's beloved, chain-smoking Harlemnite -- has sparked the next one, The Hustler’s Catalog. It’s another adventure filled with head thumping production, several stellar guest features and of course endless tales of the friendliest of leaves. The haze is the thickest when DZA is in his comfort zone. Slow, thumping beats, with plenty of horns and vibrant sonic concussions like on “F*ck is You Talking Bout,” shift the focus entirely from his rhymes to a more balanced sound. His chemistry is rock solid with The Kid Daytona as the two trade excellent verses on “Cool Sh*t,” on what is easily one of the high (pun intended) points of the album. The same holds true on “Roll Up, Pour Up,” one of the all-around best songs, featuring strong 16s DZA and an equally good and catchy hook courtesy of Killa Kyleon. However, the grass isn’t always so green, as contrary to popular belief that there is no such thing as too much weed. The subject matter quickly grows redundant, along with the stoic emcee’s inflexible flow and cliché stories. And when he occasionally branches out into other topics, DZA often winds up sounded artificial and corny, as seen in “Know Better,” where he raps “Out until every damn ounce is out/You’d be a fool if you count me out/I’m more clever than that/I’m a 9/11 n*gga, I know better than that.” Additionally, the majority of the features such as Kendrick Lamar on "Uptown 81" easily outrap the main attraction.


Smoke DZA – “Loaded” (Prod. By Lex Luger)

By Gotty™ | 11 Comments

Smoke showed me his Eric Bailey-crafted cover art last Friday.


Smoke DZA – “Ralph Lifshitz” Video

By TC | 6 Comments



By TSSCrew | 6 Comments

Smoke DZA's repeated invocations of "I smoke that kush" at the beginning of "KUSHEDGOD" are promises, reiterations of an absolute truth that cannot be questioned. As the title infers, if the ineffable Lil B's entire existence is "based," than DZA's is "kushed." Lesser bud simply does not enter the young Harlemite's cipher. Lesser emcees probably shouldn't either. The high-timer's laid-back drawl easily floats over the banging production here, letting the world know that he only indulges in the finest grade of herbal essence. With a major release like The Hustler's Catalog on it's way, he can afford to sit back, relax, and light a little more of that good stuff up. Today's the man's birthday, and out of the goodness of his heart, he left us this nice gift. If you'd like to say thanks, shoot him a message at @SmokeDZA on Twitter.

Big K.R.I.T.

Smoke DZA Continues To Roll Up

By TC | 9 Comments

Like a bag of that hydro that has your eyes tearing up as soon as they're exposed to the contents, Sir Smoke DZA is keeping his potent levels high inside The Hustler's Catalog.


Smoke DZA – “The Early Days Of George”

By J. Tinsley | 10 Comments

One thing this guy DZA has going for him - aside from enjoyable music - are his titles.


Smoke DZA – “Sour Hour”

By Gotty™ | 5 Comments

Smoke DZA and Ski make for a deadly combination, every track sounding and feel like it was inspired by an ounce of nature's finest paired with interrupted studio time.

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