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Chase N. Cashe – “One Man Woman/OMW”

By Greg Whitt | 2 Comments

Chase evokes the spirit of classic mid-to-late '90s R&B on the breezy “One Man Woman,” boasting a well-placed Playa and Aaliyah sample.


Chase N. Cashe – “Inquiry”

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

This isn't a Notable Quotable in the official sense, but Chase was talking his sh*t here.


Hit-Boy Feat. Kid Cudi – “Old School Caddy” Video

By Gotty™ | 4 Comments

Producer-turnt-rapper Hit-Boy lets loose of the accompanying video for his track "Old School Caddy," featuring the song's collaborator Kid Cudi, cute models and.


Hit-Boy – HITstory

By Greg Whitt | 16 Comments

Young producer crafts huge hits for some of the biggest names in music (including, possibly THE biggest name).


Chase N. Cashe – “Money Right” x Ear Me Out (Beat Tape)

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

Artwork: HustleGRL Chase N. Cashe continues to chef The Heir Up There and recently let go of the next look into the project, "Money Right.

Eyes Wide Shut

Kent Money – “The Moment”

By Greg Whitt | 2 Comments

Only two years ago, the name Surf Club might elicit a “who.


The iPod Shuffle: Drake’s “9AM In Dallas”

By Gotty™ | 22 Comments

Drake's obviously a proven rapper, although we get more of what Estelle called the "emo singer" these days.

B. Carr

Surf Club – “7th Letter”

By J. Tinsley

Artwork: HustleGRL Progress may be a slow process, but it is a beautiful one when looking at it from a grand scheme sort of things vantage point.

A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2010

Let A3C Now Begin

By MZ | 3 Comments

After weeks of buildup, A3C is set to kick off tonight & we'll be hosting our West Stage with performances by TiRon, Diz Gibran, El Prez, Rocky Rivera, Ayomari, Pac Div, DaVinci, Surf Club and a whole bunch of other folks.

Album Of The Year

The Week That Was: The Antoine Dodson House Party Edition

By MZ | 17 Comments

-- Antoine Dodson went from Internet laughingstock to burgeoning businessman.

Chili Chil

Surf Club’s Come Up

By J. Tinsley | 5 Comments

Point blank period, this thing slaps.


Chase N. Cashe – LOVEnd (The Instrumental Album)

By J. Tinsley | 12 Comments

Flipping through the pages of Hip-Hop's handbook, there seems to be nothing prohibiting a producer from releasing a mixtape.

Lil Wayne

Surf Club – “The Wood”

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

Behind nearly every great producer usually lies a team of hungry, lesser known names grinding at every waking second to become household commodities similar to their famous prophyte.

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