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Science Grew Vaginas In A Lab And Implanted Them In Women Who Had No Vaginas

By Word | 23 Comments

Science found cures for polio, smallpox and tuberculosis. Now science is growing vaginas.


HS Senior Mixes Biggie Lyrics With Chemistry For Bad Ass Results In School Yearbook

By Gotty™ | 12 Comments

Jessica Lee put her education to use when it came time for her yearbook quote.


10 Things We Thought We’d Have In The Future But Don’t

By TSSCrew | 19 Comments

Words By AJ + Preezy Da Kid You ever watch an old movie or show set in the future and think, "I wish I had a time machine".


There’s This New Strain Of Gonorrhea That’s Supposedly “Deadlier Than AIDS”

By Ryan J. | 13 Comments

While a "functional cure" for HIV may or may not have been found, scientists and researchers warn that a superbug of gonorrhea (a.


Science Confirms Once And For All, Money Does Buy Happiness

By Word | 18 Comments

A pair of University of Michigan economists decided to find out if there was any truth to the adage "money can't buy happiness.

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Applying Semen To Her Face Is What Keeps Cougar Heather Locklear Looking So Great

By Word | 24 Comments

Cougar and actress Heather Locklear has finally shared her beauty secret: she uses semen on her face.


Speak Up, Ladies! Science Just Confirmed Men Can’t Read Emotions

By Word | 16 Comments

Hey ladies, don't be mad when your man can't figure out that killer side-eye you're giving him because science just confirmed that men can't read emotions.


Hey Ladies, Science Says Ditch The Bras If You Don’t Want Your Boobs To Sag

By Word | 24 Comments

After a daunting 15-year in-depth study, science has deduced that wearing a bra is not only pointless but also bad for boobs.


Congrats to Science for Discovering New, Terrifyingly Huge Tarantula

By Ryan J. | 18 Comments

Hats off to science, which potentially just introduced a new giant species of spider to the world.

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