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Benjamin Dickinson

Killer Mike – “Untitled” Video

By Raj | 8 Comments

When it's time for our Finale entry at the end of '12, Killer Mike and his R.

Artemus Jenkins

Tre Luce Drops His Atlanta Mini-Doc “The Return”

By Trackstar The DJ | 5 Comments

Turning a two minute song, "The Return," into a five minute mini-documentary on the changes Atlanta has seen in the past twenty years, Tre Luce adds his stream-of-consciousness flow to the end of a well-shot series of interviews with Rico Wade and others discussing the effects of the 1996 Olympics, gentrification and the progress (or lack thereof) on the embattled west side.

Chris Carmouche

Get Used To Tre Luce

By Beware | 5 Comments

Unless you read my introspective Smoking Session with Purple Ribbon A&R Chris Carmouche a year or so ago, you probably aren't aware of who Tre Luce is at all.

Aleon Craft

Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

By TC | 2 Comments

Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on Sean Falyon, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.


Scar Feat. El Prez & Aleon Craft – “Smoke & Ride Out” (Prod. By SMKA)

By MZ | 2 Comments

I could probably count on both of my hands and maybe one foot the number of male R&B singers I actually enjoy listening to.

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