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Saturday Matinee: T.I.’s ‘Beyond The Trail’ Documentary

By J. Tinsley | 4 Comments

The life of The King narrated by one of the closest people to him.

Death Row Records

Saturday Matinee – ‘Welcome 2 Death Row’

By J. Tinsley | 15 Comments

The full story of a record label that struck fear in an entire industry.


Saturday Matinee – ‘When We Were Kings’

By J. Tinsley | 5 Comments

Outside of 'When We Were Kings,' the only better look at Ali and Foreman's "Rumble In The Jungle" was actually being alive for it.


Saturday Matinee: ‘I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco’

By Ryan J. | 2 Comments

Covering the band's path to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as well as my own.


Saturday Matinee: ‘League Of Denial’

By Samir S. | 4 Comments

In the past few years especially, concussions – head injuries in general – have cast a dark shadow on certain corners of the sporting world.

Bugs Bunny

Saturday Matinee: ‘Space Jam’

By AJ | 24 Comments

You see, what the media wants you to believe about Michael Jordan's first retirement from basketball isn't exactly correct.

Denzel Washington

Saturday Matinee – Spike Lee’s ‘He Got Game’

By J. Tinsley | 11 Comments

During the past 15 years, not many roles have ascended into the ranks of immortality quite like "Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Hughes Brothers

Saturday Matinee – ‘Menace II Society’

By J. Tinsley | 20 Comments

Depending who's asked, Menace II Society is the greatest hood flick ever created.

Albert Hughes

Saturday Matinee – ‘Dead Presidents’

By Beware | 20 Comments

If you were of age back in 1995, you'll remember Dead Presidents was marketed like a street-oriented gangster movie, to capitalize on thuggin' trends across the entertainment industry.

Arsenio Hall

As ‘Coming To America’ Celebrates 25 Years, Here Are The Seven Commandments Of Zamunda

By J. Tinsley | 23 Comments

There's the Declaration Of Independence, MLK's "I Have A Dream Speech," the Berlin Wall falling and a few notches down the "groundbreaking moments in history" list lies Coming To America.


Saturday Matinee – ‘South Central’

By J. Tinsley | 9 Comments

Here are two things which may or may not be widely known in regards to the 1992 film, South Central.

Bun B

Saturday Matinee – ‘Ghetto Stories’

By Gotty™ | 10 Comments

Grab a tall boy, warm up last night's General Tso's leftovers then kick back and watch the straight-to-DVD flick Ghetto Stories, starring Lil Boosie and Webbie as rival drug dealers.

HBO Sports

Saturday Matinee – “Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals”

By AJ | 6 Comments

A little over 30 years ago, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird resuscitated the NBA.

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