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“Better Way” – Review Of Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told

By TC | 38 Comments

It's an universally common scenario: Cereal is on the menu by default yet the key component to making the meal a reality just so happens to be slightly past its expiration date.


Saigon – “It’s Cold” Video

By David D. | 7 Comments

Just Blaze

Saigon – “The Greatest Story Never Told”

By TC | 7 Comments

Good music will forever transcend a revolution, no matter how much money or commercial airplay is behind a record. Don't take my world for it; just think how many rappers wanted to ride the wave of precedence set by street classics like "Exhibit C" and "Black & Yellow." The producer of the former mix CD staple is ready to go at again with his more than patient protégé Saigon.


Saigon Has A Message For Black America

By J. Tinsley | 7 Comments

Court Dunn - in conjunction with and Restless Films - has decided to embark on a mission with his REWIND series.

Baron Davis

12.14 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 28 Comments

LA Clippers Owner Heckles Baron Davis From Courtside [The Hoop Doctors] The 10 Worst Characters On The Best TV Shows [Warming Glow] Saigon On “Entourage” Groupies, Jay-Z Verses And Asking Forgiveness [TUD] Sean Price Reviews 'Black Swan' [NextMovie] Playboy's Sexy Tribute To "Tron: Legacy" [...].


Saigon’s Story Continues To Unfold

By TC | 6 Comments

If you couldn't tell by the video for "You Make Me Sick" the other day, Saigon is finally getting his chance to discuss his side of things, his way.

Derek Pike

Saigon – “You Make Me Sick” Video

By Beware | 6 Comments

It's like we don't even need to intro this. With said MC and track title, you know exactly what type of song you're going to get.


3.6 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 8 Comments

Dez Michelle Megan Fox High School Pictures [Celeb Jihad] No Joke Stand Up or Roll Over [Slang Rap Democracy] Saigon Finally Released From Atlantic Records [SoulCulture] NBA's Most Memorable Jersey Number Changes [Street Level] "Lost" Creators To Fans: Suck It [Warming Glow] Yo Gotti Baltimore Show [...].

Acapulco Gold

1.24 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 12 Comments

Jessica Burciaga Why Twitter Wants to Know Where You Are [Mashable] Unemployed Dude Lives Through Craigslist [BlackBook] Hotel Employs Professional Snugglers To Pre-Warm Beds [Consumerist] Beyoncé 'Doesn't Need Sasha Fierce' [Digital Spy] Saigon: The Greatest Rapper You Never Heard [Steady Bloggin'] Married To The Mob Lookbook [...].

Aftermath Entertainment

“Here’s A Little A Story I Gots To Tell…” – 15 Great Storytelling Raps

By Beware | 64 Comments

Even in our single-driven society, the truth is that most rappers can still reel in listeners influentially by simply reciting the honest realities observed through their rearview mirror.

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