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#TheReturn: Rosa Acosta Graces KING’s Winter Issue

By Gotty™ | 10 Comments

No, you didn't get caught in a time warp. This is really Rosa Acosta on the cover of KING magazine in 2013.


Rosa Acosta Adds Her Sexy Spin To Classic Movie Scenes

By Raj | 16 Comments

Who doesn't want to see everyone's favorite video vixen sexify defining scenes from classic cinema.

2 Chainz

4.11 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 14 Comments

Cassiie Melinda All Your Favorite '80s Cartoons Are Coming To Netflix [Business Insider] Baseball Manager Ozzie Guillen Suspended for Castro Comments [Keeping Score] Alicia Keys Tunes Up For James Bond [The Urban Daily] How To Succeed In The Music Business (By Trying Really, Really [...].

Estevan Oriol

What If Rosa Acosta Was Your Housekeeper?

By TC | 17 Comments

Househould chores have experienced an underlying sexual fetish since June Cleaver cleaned toilets in black and white, so who the hell is Rosa Acosta to screw with tradition.


Rosa Acosta, 2,000 Words

By Gotty™ | 15 Comments

One picture, 1,000 words.


Rosa Acosta Makes Chocolate Syrup Sexy For Greedy Genius

By Gotty™ | 15 Comments

I have no real context for this short clip except that it was filmed by Mango Black for clothing label Greedy Genius and it features Rosa Acosta doing marvelous things with chocolate syrup and bananas.


8.26 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 14 Comments

Rosa Acosta Gilbert Arenas Loses Legal Fight to ‘Basketball Wives’ Participant [Slam] Nelly Opening Recording School For Students In Missouri [AHH] Aaliyah's Indelible Influence On A Generation Of Male Artists [Village Voice] Common Says He & No I.

Amber Rose

2.24 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 7 Comments

Krystle Vega Melissa Molinaro: Kim Kardashian's Twin? [Babble] The 10 Kids On Your Youth Basketball Team [College Humor] Hip-Hop And Health Insurance [TUD] The Noob's Guide to Tumblr [Urlesque] Kool Keith's All-Time Top 10 Porn Stars [HHDX] Justin Bieber's Haircut, As Analyzed by Wendy Williams [TVSquad] Win [...].

Gary Busey

The Sexy Women Of Entourage, Rapping

By TC | 24 Comments

There is a primary reason why Entourage has existed for seven seasons with virtually the same plot and it damn sure isn't because of Vinny Chase's hair.


Happy Belated Valentine’s From Rosa Acosta & Marisa Elise

By Gotty™ | 11 Comments

Belated Valentine's Day wishes from Rosa Acosta & Marisa Elise in the form of videos created by IEC Studios.

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