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Rochelle Jordan – “L O W K E Y”

By Samir S. | 3 Comments

Toronto songstress brings you back into the world of ROJO.


Rochelle Jordan – “Follow Me” Video

By Samir S. | 5 Comments

While we eagerly await Rochelle Jordan’s true debut album, there’s not a whole lot we can do but happily accept any new material she decides to offer up.


Rochelle Jordan – “Follow Me”

By J. Tinsley | 2 Comments

The last time RoJo made an appearance around TSS was about two weeks after Valentine's Day. So, yes, it's been awhile.


Rochelle Jordan – “Good Ones Go” Freestyle

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

As the wait for new music from Rochelle Jordan continues, our favorite Canadian songbird liberates "Good Ones Go;" her adaptation of Drake's record by the same name found on 2011's Take Care.


Rochelle Jordan – “Impossible”

By J. Tinsley | 7 Comments

We're just waiting until later this year when Rochelle Jordan becomes a household name so we can don our "we told you so" t-shirts.


Rochelle Jordan – “Shotgun” Video

By J. Tinsley | 10 Comments

Rochelle Jordan is a dirty young woman.


Diamond In The Rough: Rochelle Jordan’s “P R E S S U R E”

By S.Cadet | 12 Comments

R&B and Soul are here in name but they've seen better days in terms of their traditions.


It’s Crunch Time For Rochelle Jordan

By J. Tinsley | 16 Comments

Five W's game starring Rochelle Jordan.


Rochelle Jordan – “Too Long”

By Samir S. | 2 Comments

While radio R&B has yet to free itself of the clutches of Euro-pop maximalism, bubbling Toronto songbird Rochelle Jordan and her go-to producer KLSH continue to carve out a brand of restrained minimalism that harkens back to the mid-90s.


Rochelle Jordan – “Losing”

By Greg Whitt | 4 Comments

Rochelle Jordan occupies every bit of aural negative space in the sparse “Losing.

All To Well

Rochelle Jordan Is Under PRESSURE

By J. Tinsley | 10 Comments

Rochelle personally sent this trailer for her new project, P R E S S U R E, so whether she knows it or not, we're a happy couple now.


Rochelle Jordan – “Here I Go”

By J. Tinsley | 2 Comments

With 2012 fast approaching, Rochelle Jordan finds herself near the top of my personal lists of artists I expect to make noteworthy strides over the next twelve months.

6th Sense

El Prez – Feature PREZentation II Mixtape

By Raj

With his latest mixtape, Feature PREZentation II, Inglewood native El Prez is treating his fans to one more project before his full-length, Leadersh.


Rochelle Jordan – “Shot”

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

Revisiting Drake's "Club Paradise," there's an interesting note: "And I was told once, things will change By a nigga named Tip when my deal came Told me it's all good, even when it feel strange Now I'm that guy that know them strippers by their real names Rochelle, Jordan Thick bitches, they just talked me out of four grand.

Mat Randol

Rochelle Jordan – ROJO x “King A” (Aaliyah Tribute)

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

Seeing as how she kicked off the summer with dope music, it only makes sense Rochelle Jordan helps to bring the season to a close properly with the release of her full length project ROJO.

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