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2012 Presidential Election

Live Discussion: The Third And Final 2012 Presidential Debate

By David D. | 128 Comments

We're only two weeks away from Election Day, which means we're in crunch time.

2012 Presidential Election

Cop: UNDRCRWN’s “Gotta Be Barack” Tee

By Gotty™ | 5 Comments

UNDRCRWN is getting behind President Obama and his re-election efforts with the release of the "Gotta Be Barack" tee.

2012 Presidential Election

Barack Obama Is LeBron James & Other Notes On Last Night’s Presidential Debate

By David D. | 12 Comments

While watching the debate last night, it became pretty apparent that Barack Obama's 2012 debate mimicked LeBron James' last two seasons.

2012 Elections

2 Chainz Explains Voting To Ex-Cons

By TSSCrew | 12 Comments

Rappers give back in their own ways and 2 Chainz knows his constituency of listeners may consist of a few felons.

Batman: The Animated Series

10.5 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 12 Comments

Kristina James Debate Thrusts Big Bird Into Presidential Campaign [Yahoo!] The Best of Batman: The Animated Series In GIF Form [Gamma Squad] The Simpsons’ 20 Greatest Golden Age Sports Moments [With Leather] Now You Can Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Right In The Toaster [TLF] Kanye West Says Goodbye To Twitter.

2012 Elections

Homer Simpson Votes For Mitt Romney, Regrets It Immediately

By J. Tinsley | 19 Comments

With Wednesday's first face-to-face showdown between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in arms reach, why not take some sound voting advice from one of America's most legendary patriarchs, Homer Simpson.

2012 Elections

Samuel L. Jackson’s Alarmingly Entertaining Message To Voters: “Wake The F*ck Up”

By AJ | 10 Comments

We're not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for in November.

DNC 2012

President Obama Gets A Post-DNC Boost, Literally

By TSSCrew | 11 Comments

After last week's Democratic National Convention, President Obama's seen a bump in the Gallup poll, giving him an edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Chicago Teachers Union

Things Get Worse: Chicago Teachers Begin Strike Today

By David D. | 23 Comments

Just when you thought the situation in Chicago couldn't get any more dire, the seemingly unimaginable happens.

Club Hush

North Carolina Doesn’t Care About Kim Kardashian

By Word | 38 Comments

Remember last week when Kim Kardashian tweeted that she would be at the "official" DNC afterparty while The First Lady was giving an amazing speech that might ultimately get her husband re-elected.

DNC 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama Gave An Amazing Speech, Kim Kardashian Tried To Ruin It

By Gotty™ | 19 Comments

President Barack Obama took the night off last night and sat at home on the couch with his daughters.

Digital News

RNC 2012: Ronald Reagan Hologram Replaced By Rambling Clint Eastwood & His Imaginary Friend

By AJ | 16 Comments

Without rattling off a laundry list of items, let's just agree that 2012 is, more than anything else, weird.


This Petition For Women To Go Topless Everywhere Needs Your John Hancock

By Beware | 13 Comments

It's been brought to our attention there is currently an open petition to the US Government entitled "Enforce women's equal right to go topless in public wherever men have this privilege.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama Comes Out In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

By TSSCrew | 65 Comments

Swampland: “I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” Obama told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an interview at the White House Wednesday afternoon.


Thug Motivation: 7 Young Jeezy Songs (Probably) Found On President Obama’s iPod

By J. Tinsley | 12 Comments

There's some executive at FOX News who probably sharted himself after hearing President Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner admission to listening to Young Jeezy.


Watch President Obama & Jimmy Fallon “Slow Jam The News”

By Gotty™ | 17 Comments

Jimmy Fallon was joined by a one of kind, special guest last night - the President of the U.

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