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Troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies “Eating P*ssy” During Live Press Conference. Your Move, America.

By David D. | 54 Comments

Embattled politician's newest press conference outburst puts him one step closer to being Canada's Webbie.

Affordable Care Act

Jimmy Kimmel Shows That Most Americans Don’t Even Know What An Obamacare Is

By TSSCrew | 20 Comments

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel proves once again that most Americans don't know half of what they think they know.

Conan O'Brien

Barack Obama Pens Open Letter To Jay-Z, Reps DJ Khaled At Correspondents Dinner

By David D. | 12 Comments

Barack Obama made a few Hip-Hop references in his correspondence dinner.


President Clinton? Perhaps

By TSSCrew | 17 Comments

CNN: "There are few certainties in American politics.


Mitt Romney Had “No Desire” To Be President, Says Tagg Romney

By J. Tinsley | 16 Comments

Seeing as how today is a very, very important NFL Sunday for some of us, I'll just leave this here.

Gun Control

NRA On Sandy Hook Tragedy: Blame Hollywood, Video Games & Calls For More Guns

By AJ | 24 Comments

Political affiliation took a back seat a week ago today; liberal or conservative, the Sandy Hook school shooting was heart-breaking.


PoV: The Loneliest Job In The World

By J. Tinsley | 6 Comments

For anyone in America - the world, really - whose job pays more in stress than it does in currency, rest assured one confirmation.


Weed Is Legal, But There’s No Buying Or Selling It?

By TSSCrew | 31 Comments

Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington.


Meet Marco Rubio, The Republican With An Appreciation For Rap

By TSSCrew | 18 Comments

GQ: Your autobiography also has to be the first time a politician has cited a love of Afrika Bambaataa.

Amendment 64

Weed Is Legal In Colorado, Washington. So, Now What?

By AJ | 51 Comments

The big story coming out of Tuesday's election was, obviously, President Obama's victory over Mitt Romney.

2012 Elections

Katy Perry Comes Politically Correct With Pro-Obama Dress

By Gotty™ | 19 Comments

With the campaign in the final leg, Katy Perry performed at a Wisconsin rally on Saturday in support of President Obama.

2012 Elections

Chris Rock: Obama’s The White President You Can Trust

By J. Tinsley | 7 Comments

By now, either you're voting for Mitt Romney or President Obama.

Paul Ryan

PoV: Stacey Dash, The Republican

By Gotty™ | 23 Comments

Stacey Dash continues stumping hard for the Romney-Ryan campaign, tweeting a photo of herself with the Republican VP candidate and writing a nice blog post as well.

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