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Stacey Dash Just Went All The Way Republican

By Gotty™ | 42 Comments

No way I'm going to let her brainwash me.

Edward Snowden

The U.S. May Have Been Spying On European Allies

By AJ | 8 Comments

It was easy to dismiss North Korea's threats as the renegade dictatorship puffed its chest out and raised its voice during the first quarter of 2013.

Civil Rights Movement

The Supreme Court Just Showed Us The True Meaning Of #NewRules

By David D. | 31 Comments

Forty-eight hours ago proud tweets from African-Americans started trickling in about how great it was that Black outrage contributed to Paula Deen getting fired.


President Clinton? Perhaps

By TSSCrew | 17 Comments

CNN: "There are few certainties in American politics.


Mitt Romney Had “No Desire” To Be President, Says Tagg Romney

By J. Tinsley | 16 Comments

Seeing as how today is a very, very important NFL Sunday for some of us, I'll just leave this here.

Digital News

RNC 2012: Ronald Reagan Hologram Replaced By Rambling Clint Eastwood & His Imaginary Friend

By AJ | 16 Comments

Without rattling off a laundry list of items, let's just agree that 2012 is, more than anything else, weird.

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