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Unlikely Headline Of The Day: Los Angeles SWAT Team Robbed

By Beware | 3 Comments

Certain people are risk-takers, while others are too afraid to hide a little extra income from Uncle Sam or even ride a motorcycle.

Columbus Ohio

Video: Old Lady Slammed At Wal-Mart

By MZ | 14 Comments

It's a war going on outside no man old lady is safe.


Best. Speaker. Ever.

By David D. | 33 Comments

I've long sat at lectures, praying that the speaker would just shoot himself.

Air Force 1

3.21 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

Freak Something Saturday With Katt A.


“You Have The Right To Remain…”

By TSSCrew | 45 Comments

We already established that one of the qualifying requirements to get hired by any law enforcement agency is to be irrationally infatuated with Contra™ and his brand new (read:"used") Contramobile™.

DJ Green Lantern

Outrage Over Oscar…

By Beware | 22 Comments

As expected, a host of rappers have already begun to speak their minds on the unfortunate and unjustified slaying of Oakland resident Oscar Grant by BART police.


“Overkill…” – The Murder Of Oscar Grant

By TSSCrew | 60 Comments

Starting off the day the way we ended last night: with a heavier dose of injustice.

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