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The 15 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2014

By TSSCrew | 23 Comments

The games that will gamers geekin' in 2014.


Infographic: PS3 And Xbox 360 All Took Four Years To Peak

By AJ | 11 Comments

According to the stats, no gaming console peaks right out the gate.

2K Sports

NBA 2K14′s Trailer Set To “Hate Me Now”…Yes Please

By David D. | 18 Comments

Just as everyone is ripping the packaging off of their copies of Madden, 2K14 drops a nuke to remind everyone who's the top dog in the sports video game field.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

‘Saints Row 4′ Was Going To Feature Stephen Colbert, “The Rock,” Dragons

By AJ | 6 Comments

What started as a Costco-brand alternative to Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of gaming's biggest cult hits, and if you aren't already hip, upcoming Saints Row IV should give you the perfect opportunity to catch up.


Five Ways To Make ‘NBA 2K14′s’ My Career Mode Not So Unbearable

By David D. | 45 Comments

The football season is winding down making way for us to turn our attention to the happenings in the NBA, which - if you're like me - means it's about time to actually crack open NBA 2K13.

David Jaffe

Twisted Metal Is Allowing Gamers To Shoot Sweet Tooth’s Truck…With Real Bullets


If you're a hardcore gamer and Valentine's Day isn't your thing (imagine those two having any sort of correlation), the 17 year-old franchise of Twisted Metal is offering up a pretty explosive alternative.

Digital News

Next Generation: 10 Features We Want To See In The Xbox 720 & Playstation 4

By TSSCrew | 27 Comments

Words By AJ & S. Cadet Don’t get too excited about that shiny new Playstation 3 that you got for Christmas.

Battlefield 3

What’s Old Is Still Awesome: BF3′s Back To Karkand Review

By S.Cadet | 3 Comments

Let's say you've logged more than a few hours on Battlefield 3 but realized it's maps got long in the tooth.


Pillage & Plunder: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

By Darius Sinclair™ | 4 Comments

Video games have become to new socializing engine for friends and family to interact.

Foster The People

The Soundtrack For Screamers: 15 of FIFA 12′s Best Songs

By S.Cadet | 7 Comments

The FIFA series has provided more than triumph and heartbreak on the virtual pitch for almost two decades.


It’s All About The Team: Battlefield 3 Review

By S.Cadet | 13 Comments

The video game world's been gun crazy for who knows how long.

EA Sports

Shoot It And Boot It: FIFA Soccer 12 Review

By S.Cadet | 9 Comments

Fun, frustrating, engaging and at times seemingly fixed, these are just a few qualities pertinent to the beautiful game.

Digital News

Sony Creates Excitement With NFL Sunday Ticket, Then Kills It With Ridiculous Price Point

By David D. | 34 Comments

Stop me if you've heard this before: Sony PS3 just offered an awesome program that will set it apart from its competition.


This Ark Needs Fixin’: Brink Review

By S.Cadet | 5 Comments

Shooter fatigue is at an all time high.

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