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Pac Div – “The Greatness” (Prod. By No I.D.)

By J. Tinsley | 9 Comments

"Lord knows that livin' broke sh*t ain't fly.

Like (Pac Div)

Like – “Funky Drummer Reprise”

By Gotty™

Pac Div's Like does his one-two mic check thing just to feed the fans' appetites for new tunes.


Pac Div Has “Your F*ckin’ Song” Right Here

By J. Tinsley | 8 Comments

Hell yeah, one of my favorite records of the year comes to life and it's dope.


Mac Miller Feat. Talib Kweli – “Family First”

By Gotty™ | 6 Comments

Mac's living an above average life and usually cares himself as one of the rap's most carefree guys.

3 Little Digs

In The Studio: Pac Div – “Rollin”

By Gotty™ | 5 Comments

On their most recent trip to the A, Pac Div stopped through 3LittleDigs' headquarters and dropped a quick performance clip for their song "Rollin" off Don't Mention It.

Christina Aguilera

5.6 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 14 Comments

Tina Maryland Coach Gary Williams Retires, Ends 33-Year Career [HuffPo] 14 Lessons From Hip-Hop's Most Stylish Men [GQ] DJ Premier Reuniting With Christina Aguilera On Her New Album [TUD] The Average Price for a Concert Ticket.


H.O.P.E. – Believe In HOPE Wright

By TC | 5 Comments

I first met H.O.P.E. in a bathroom in Texas. Obviously, that's the worse possible introduction in any instance, especially with Hip-Hop becoming completely out of control this first week of April 2011. Allow me to digress to the more important matters before you honorary paws police officers start writing citations on spot. For starters, there wasn't any sort of gentilia fondling involved by either party. Desperately needing a T.O. from the madness and melee that was the Vibe and Cashmere Agency's Respect The West's official Nate Dogg tribute, I slipped into an empty (and surprisingly clean) sink area where I proceeded to wipe my brow. Shortly after, a lanky, cool-as-day character strolled in wearing shine blockers that are generally accompanied with a red-tipped cane, followed by his unofficial vocal coach. Not oblivious to my presence yet focused on the mission at hand, I listened silently as H.O.P.E. impressively and flawlessly ran through the metaphorical entendres and verses where his flow unpredictably began where the manufactured rapper's predictably stopped. I had a flash of clairvoyance that there was a believable talent when he walked through that door. Not that he looked totally unassuming, playing the part of the neo-age MC, indoor sunglasses and fitted clothing that said "I'm cool enough to trick you into thinking I didn't care." But he didn't seem like he was going to allow style to be his judge, jury and little lady keeping the minutes on her typewriter, either. I'm not totally sure if he got a chance to rock that SXSW stage but the dedication that shown through in his practice session is the same devotion that he used to carve out his two-years-in-the-making debut album, Believe In HOPE Wright. Hailing from Compton but far removed from the N.W.A. era or even Game's consequential reprise, Hope puts a reality touch into his project as it doubles as an autobiography, for he's still getting his name out in the open. In conjuction with 2Dopeboyz, complete with co-stars from Jhene Aihko, Hit-Boy, Kevin Cossom and a few guys named Pac Div, faith is probably the most inconceivable notion known to man, but H.

Clement & Co.

Pac Div – “Anti-Freeze” Video

By Raj | 9 Comments

Non-stop chatter of a full-scale debut from Pac Div has been around since the trio first burst onto the scene, but all to no avail.

Donovan McNabb

3.16 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 19 Comments

Kimbella Donovan McNabb To Become Analyst…For College Hoops [With Leather] Pac Div Speaks on Grown Kid Syndrome, Prince & Basketball [Ashley O.] Porn For Your 12-Year-Old Self [College Humor] Snake Bites Israeli Model Orit Fox’s Boob, Dies [DJ Mick] Obama Fist Bumps Everybody [BuzzFeed] When Does It Pay to Trade Up Your Technology.


Pac Div – “Your F*cking Song” x “Let Loose”

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

Photo: Pac Div Two newly liberated tracks from Pac Div as they prepare to drop one more mixtape, Mania.

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