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Online Ballin’: NBA 2K13′s Demo Will Feature Online Multiplayer

By S.Cadet | 8 Comments

The NBA 2K13 series always pushes the envelope in basketball sim gaming.


Snoop Lion, Lionel Messi & Andrew Luck “Join The Club” In FIFA 13 Ad

By Ryan J. | 6 Comments

There's not much Electronic Arts can do to get fans of the popular FIFA video game series anymore excited about the upcoming 2013 title.


The Pitch Isn’t Perfect: 10 Fixes FIFA 13 Desperately Needs

By S.Cadet | 12 Comments

Virtual footballers about two weeks removed from finally playing the next installment of FIFA.

2K Games

Borderlands 2 Is All About Being A Badass

By S.Cadet | 4 Comments

As days go by, there's a bigger love in the family anticipation builds for the firearm festival better known as Borderlands 2.


Playing Catch Up: 10 Fantastic Video Games You Might’ve Missed

By S.Cadet | 22 Comments

Gamers know the summer usually sucks for new releases.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Trailer Debuts New Characters, Guns And Other Awesome Stuff

By S.Cadet | 2 Comments

We're in a time where the game industry looks more and more like Hollywood.


Join The Ghosts: Review Of “Ghost Recon Future Soldier”

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 2 Comments

Tom Clancy titles often stand at the top of military-based games.

Beyond: Two Souls

No More Sequels: 10 Of The Best New Games Unveiled At E3 2012

By S.Cadet | 18 Comments

E3, the biggest hype machine of the games industry, has become more about letting the public know about the next big sequel in franchise X.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Question Of The Day: Do You Play Games Online?

By S.Cadet | 34 Comments

Video games are a far cry from the days where you're snotty-nosed self raged at games being unfair.


Welcome To Earth: Mass Effect 3 Review

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 5 Comments

Mass Effect 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), even before its release, was highly anticipated as the finale to the exceptional franchise.


All In Or Bargain Bin?: Max Payne 3

By S.Cadet | 7 Comments

The shooter popularity contest currently goes as follows.


Far Cry 3 Is Definitely Trippy

By S.Cadet | 7 Comments

Walk into any game store and you'll see a rack of titles letting adults go pew-pew to their hearts content.

Battlefield 3

What’s Old Is Still Awesome: BF3′s Back To Karkand Review

By S.Cadet | 3 Comments

Let's say you've logged more than a few hours on Battlefield 3 but realized it's maps got long in the tooth.


Pillage & Plunder: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ | 4 Comments

Video games have become to new socializing engine for friends and family to interact.

Foster The People

The Soundtrack For Screamers: 15 of FIFA 12′s Best Songs

By S.Cadet | 7 Comments

The FIFA series has provided more than triumph and heartbreak on the virtual pitch for almost two decades.


It’s All About The Team: Battlefield 3 Review

By S.Cadet | 13 Comments

The video game world's been gun crazy for who knows how long.

EA Sports

Shoot It And Boot It: FIFA Soccer 12 Review

By S.Cadet | 9 Comments

Fun, frustrating, engaging and at times seemingly fixed, these are just a few qualities pertinent to the beautiful game.

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