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The Outlawz Claim They Smoked Tupac’s Ashes

By TC | 24 Comments

If you were trolling for some Freaky Friday, Hip-Hop news, you got it.


Meet Mason, The Baby Basketball Genius

By Darius Sinclair™ | 2 Comments

The current generation of toddlers never ceases to amaze.

Antoine Dodson

“They Rapin’ E’erybody” In Huntsville

By Gotty™ | 27 Comments

T-Baby and Detroit metro, meet the latest competition for the crown, Huntsville, Alabama.


Never Under Estimate The Power Of Booze…

By Beware | 4 Comments

I was just laughing at the expense of others over at the genius Failblog, saw this atrocity and thought y'all would appreciate.


“The Kool-Aid”

By TC | 13 Comments

No need to fear corporations spiking your drinking water in hopes for you to buy their product.

Eric J. Brewer

“Too Wong Foo” – Mayor Of East Cleveland Caught Cross-Dressing

By TC | 19 Comments

Oh why won't the city of Cleveland build on KiD CuDi's momentum.


She’s On The Market…

By TC | 10 Comments

For all you males looking to take Beyoncé's advice, Wook Kandor is looking for one of you studs to put a ring on it.


Lovers & Friends

By Gotty™ | 18 Comments

I think the last time I posted a offbeat pic & included a story with it, people focused on the bonfire story instead of taking notice of the cows procreating in the background.


Badvertising: You See It Images

By Beware | 2 Comments

If you attend enough local rap shows, you get accustomed to being bombarded by 5x7 promo flyers.

Moo & Oink

What’s Beef? Moo & Oink Knows

By David D. | 12 Comments

As part of my J-school work, I have to do research on Chicago-area food processors.

Cult Status

“Get Busy Snuggin’…”

By Gotty™ | 16 Comments

Well, it's not technically a Snuggie.


“And All This Time You Were Worried About The Conflicker Worm…”

By Gotty™ | 6 Comments

In some vague metropolis in the US, they better be watching out for the time traveler on Friday.


Sweet, Organic, Maple Bacon Pops!!!

By TC | 14 Comments

Cleaning out our spam filter can be a full-time job in itself (word to you select few who've been coerced by Lulu to visit C E L E B M I N G L E to finally meet your soulmate).

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