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Vince Young Had A Guaranteed $26 Million & Still Went Broke?

By Gotty™ | 36 Comments

I have no idea how a person could be guaranteed $26 million dollars and be "nearly broke" several years later, but then again everything about Vince Young's professional football career defied logic.


Steve Sabol, NFL Films President, Dies At 69

By J. Tinsley | 9 Comments

While we involuntarily witness Bountygate and the replacement refs fiasco blow up in our faces, a black cloud surrounds the NFL today with the passing of a true legend Steve Sabol.

Andrew Luck

Your NFL Recap: Week 2

By AJ | 46 Comments

By Monday's end, 20 of 32 NFL teams will be sporting an identical 1-1 record.

Dallas Cowboys

Your NFL Recap: Week 1

By J. Tinsley | 25 Comments

Disclaimer: So we're clear, the following has nothing to do with President Barack Obama or Kim Kardashian.

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning’s Jersey Considered Gang-Related, Banned In Colorado School District

By TSSCrew | 13 Comments

Peyton's about as Americana as they come and Denver fans are excited about his Bronco debut today against the Steelers.

David Modell

The Cleveland Browns Pass On Honoring Art Modell

By Ryan J. | 9 Comments

Although the majority of NFL teams intend to recognize Art Modell's death this Sunday (as per the NFL's request), the Cleveland Browns will not honor their late former owner.

Arizona Cardinals

12 Longshot Predictions For The 2012 NFL Season

By TSSCrew | 60 Comments

Kids are returning back to school, the last days of summer are upon us and at least part of the country is moving one day closer to having to break out those snow shovels again.


Athletes Doing Good: Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley Foots The Bill For Hometown’s Athletes

By Beware | 5 Comments

With so many athletes acting a fool on the regular, it's easy to assume the majority of professional players could give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Shannon Eastin

Is The NFL Ready For Female Referees In Football?

By Raj | 18 Comments

The NFL preseason's started and football season is right around the corner.

Harry Carson

PoV: Ronald Reagan’s Popcorn Shower From The New York Giants

By J. Tinsley | 4 Comments

During the 1980s, crack cocaine exploded in America, the economy tanked and inner city violence littered every hood from New York to Los Angeles.


Your Friendly Reminder: The 2012 Monday Night Football Schedule

By J. Tinsley | 21 Comments

It may have crept right up on all of us, but guess what this Sunday signals.

Jimmy Haslam

For Sale: The Cleveland Browns, For Only $920 Million

By AJ | 4 Comments

It came with little pomp or precedence, but the Cleveland Browns are close to switching ownership hands.

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