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Rapper For Sale: Childish Gambino Hates His Label

By Ryan J. | 38 Comments

And he utilized social media again to air his grievances.


Lazy People Rejoice: Burger King Starts Delivery Service

By Beware | 21 Comments

Picture yourself on a Friday night, having your pals over for some brews, when somewhere amidst the two cases you've collectively put back and the game of dominoes you've been playing for hours, a craving for fast-food arrives.


Unlikely Headline Of The Day: Los Angeles SWAT Team Robbed

By Beware | 3 Comments

Certain people are risk-takers, while others are too afraid to hide a little extra income from Uncle Sam or even ride a motorcycle.

Bizzy Bone

Guess Which Member Of Bone Thugs Beat Up His Fans?

By Beware | 5 Comments

Imagine going to see one of your favorite groups, then stumbling upon the opportunity to kick it with them after the show.


I See Dead People…On My Newports

By Beware | 33 Comments

Well, it appears the packaging for Gotty™'s garbage cans are about to get gruesome.


Wipe Me Down

By Beware | 17 Comments

While meeting and greeting the grieving Haitian nation this week with Bill Clinton, the highest ranking hillbilly, George W. Bush himself, had the nerve to noticeably get disgusted by shaking a native man's hand and proceeded to indiscriminately wipe the grodiness onto the back of Bubba's shirt, Stank Palm style.

Easy Mo Bee

“The Water Cooler…”

By Gotty™ | 21 Comments

Morning news round-up, fodder to get your day moving.


Joell Ortiz – DJ Premier Tribute

By Gotty™ | 29 Comments

These "Tributes", as they're called, have been good thus far.


The Week That Was…

By Gotty™ | 9 Comments

In a week of contrast & comparison, where we saw things that were eerily the same yet different and the objects that appear in the mirror were closer than they appeared.

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