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Darrelle Revis

The 13 Biggest NFL Free Agent Moves: A Sad Cowboys Fan Reacts

By J. Tinsley | 30 Comments

Recapping the top deals by players and teams (all except Dallas).

Adrian Peterson

Your NFL Recap, Week 13: When Rob Ford Ate Chicken Wings Amongst The Toronto People

By Greg Whitt | 20 Comments

Eric Decker played like a mad man in Kansas City. But the real mad man was eating chicken and stealing seats while taking in the Bills/Falcons game in Toronto.

Calvin Johnson

Your NFL Recap, Week 12: Cowboys Capture Must-Win, Bucs Shock Lions In Detroit, Broncos/Patriots Lives Up To Hype

By TSSCrew | 27 Comments

No team in the NFC North won a game this week, despite two of the teams playing against other.

Andrew Luck

Your NFL Recap, Week 7: Geno & The Jets Come Up Big, Peyton Manning Falls Short In Indy Return

By Raj | 37 Comments

When you think of beneficiaries of sh*tty NFL rules, Tom Brady (thanks to the Tuck Rule) is the first to pop up.

Dallas Cowboys

Your NFL Recap, Week 6: Tom Brady Brings The Pats Back To Beat Saints

By J. Tinsley | 33 Comments

Every week, the NFL presents a "game of the week" and whether the honorable distinction lives up to its billing is a coin flip.

Carlos Ortiz

QoTD: Who Wants Their NFL Team To Pick Up Aaron Hernandez Next Season?

By Gotty™ | 14 Comments

Never thought Aaron Hernandez would be playing football again, unless it was of The Longest Yard variety, right.

Crime And Punishment

Rolling Stone Teases Aaron Hernandez Drug Allegations And Alleged Urban Meyer Cover-Up

By Bansky | 21 Comments

Words By Bansky The newest issue of Rolling Stone features just about the last thing Aaron Hernandez's defense attorneys want to see - a nosey journalist taking a deep delve into the former Patriot tight end's personal life.

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernadez’s Former Friends Flips, Reportedly Gives Police Damning Evidence

By TSSCrew | 15 Comments

A friend accused of being involved in Aaron Hernandez's murder case is reportedly now cooperating with police in the of Odin L.

Crime And Punishment

Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

By AJ | 31 Comments

Via Getty A journey that began with "boy, that Aaron Hernandez seems to be in a sticky situation" has reached the darkest of conclusions.


So Vladimir Putin Kind of Stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring

By Ryan J. | 13 Comments

Russian president Vladimir Putin gives zero--nul--f*cks.

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