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English Premier League

Fox Soccer To Fold For Yet Another Young Male Network

By Ryan J. | 5 Comments

American soccer fans can start writing the epitaph now: Fox Soccer will shutdown in September in order to make way for FXX, Fox's new channel dedicated to the 18- to 34-year-old male demographic and compliment to FX.

2012 Olympics

NBC’s “Bodies In Motion” Celebrates The Women Of The Olympics In A Softcore Kind Of Way

By Gotty™ | 12 Comments

The promo clip below, originally titled "Bodies In Motion," seems to have sparked a bit of controversy and downright ire, so much so that NBC decided to pull it.


7.17 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 9 Comments

Kara Allison Microsoft, NBC Breakup Complete [Newser] The 10 Most Ripped-Off Viral Ads Of All Time [SVI] Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Curves [NYDN] Debunking The Myth Of Jeremy Lin’s Offer Sheet [Dime] Coolio’s Son Facing Three Years In Prison [The Urban Daily] Ne-Yo Says He Likes Vagina.

Calvin Butts

“We’re Not Against Rap…We’re Not Against Rappers…”

By J. Tinsley | 17 Comments

Nowadays, Hip-Hop being so effortlessly woven into the fabric of everyday culture is the norm.


Who’s Ready For New Episodes Of “Community”?

By AJ | 6 Comments

After nearly dying then reviving, Community returns to a legion of rabid followers (myself included) next Thursday, and the fine folks at Inside TV have a synopsis of what to expect from the premier episode: "Community will return to NBC next Thursday after a three-month hiatus with an all-new episode.

Digital News

“Community” Will Return To NBC In 2012

By AJ | 26 Comments

Between the mishandling of Conan O'Brien and attempts to make half-baked shows like The Cape and Playboy Club happen, NBC has been riding the short bus for a while now.


Dear NBC, You’re Dead To Me

By David D. | 46 Comments

I generally don't pay attention to things like ratings and mid-year schedules because I don't have cable and can care less what time a show is airing as long as it shows up on the Internet.


Snoop Set For Return To Televizzle With New NBC Comedy

By Beware | 4 Comments

If you were to hop in the DeLorean and head back to 1994, there's no way in hell you'd believe Snoop Dogg would be getting his own family sitcom down the line, not after once facing murder charges and publicly sipping gin cocktails back in the day.


Paris Files $20M Lawsuit Against NBC

By Gotty™ | 16 Comments

The Boombox: Bay Area rapper Paris has filed a $20 million lawsuit against NBC Networks, Warner Brothers Pictures and other television producers for allegedly stealing the concept of a reality show he created.

Conan O'Brien

Jay Leno Takes Another Blow

By Beware | 2 Comments

As the dust from the Late Night Wars finally begins to settle, one residual blow is being taken to Jay Leno's refurbished Tonight Show.

Boston Celtics

The Week That Was: To The Victor Belong The Spoils Edition


And just like that we turn the calender page another month is in the books.

Conan O'Brien Show

TSS Inferno: The Week In People That Suck

By David D. | 17 Comments

Maybe it’s been the amount of free time I’ve had this week, but I’ve been catching up with this television show called The News and it’s pretty interesting.


Parks, Recreation & RZA

By TSSCrew | 8 Comments

First, if you’re not up on Parks & Recreation, you are seriously missing out.

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