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Adriana Sage

1.6 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 10 Comments

Adriana Sage Nick Cannon Hospitalized: What Causes Kidney Failure.

Atlantic Records

Maino Feat. Robbie Nova – “That Could Be Us”


It was only a matter of time before Maino's record label, Millennium Records, poisoned his mind into doing something like this.


Maino x Funkmaster Flex – Respect The Jux Mixtape


If Maino comes around the corner you're serving birdies on and tells you to get down and give it up, you have no choice but to Respect The Jux.


Maino Feat. Roscoe Dash – “Let It Fly” Video


Roscoe Dash is Hip-Hop's reigning hookman for hire and Maino has had success with such characters in the past.


Maino – “Machine Gun Rap”

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

"And who you call your wife is a hoe to me, more n*ggas done been on her than the 'Otis' beat.


6.14 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 9 Comments

Kehem Azrim The 10 Most Expensive Concert Tickets In America [DMN] Tracy Morgan: "I Say Really Stupid S***" [Yahoo] 25 Interesting Facts About Love & Relationships [Fly Guy Chronicles] Dane Cook Uses Twitter to Find His Lost Dog [PopEater] Scene Breakdown: Cool As Ice [Film [...].


DJ Ill Will x DJ Holiday Present Trina – Diamonds Are Forever Mixtape

By TC | 4 Comments

Eternally yours and a girl's best friend, Trina is draped in diamond-encrusted longevity. It's been over 10 years since she didn't know "Nann" but she could probably teach you a thing or two about laying around in Twenty Eleven. Wait, that came out wrong. Fiddlesticks. Moving on, the Diamond Princess is cementing her royalty with DJ's Ill Will and Holiday for her Diamonds Are Forever extravaganza. That's VVS, Tiffany & Co, better-than-the-album action for your ass. Assisting Katrina in her jewel heist are familiar names like T-Pain, Rick Ross and Maino, so if you're itching for something that will cut glass without breaking a nail, Trina is flaunting her chocha on wax for your ears to list. Smooches, bitches! Download -- DJ Ill Will & DJ Holiday Present Trina - Diamonds Are Forever Mixtape | Alt. Link MP3s

Maino – “March 9th”

By J. Tinsley | 2 Comments

Something weird happened earlier today. I received an e-mail with the subject line saying "Happy Biggie Day!" The thought process was understandable, but the execution left a lot to be desired. I have lost my fair share of bets over the years, but I feel confident in saying Voletta isn't somewhere celebrating today. May 21st? Yeah. But March 9th? Maybe, but I doubt it. She lost her only child, at the end of the day. Regardless, I was going to leave this day alone given the fact I paid tribute to Chris in my own way earlier this year.


Maino Feat. Red Cafe & Uncle Murda – “Welcome To My Hood”

By Gotty™ | 6 Comments

Maino's BK all day and obviously a pretty tough character.


Maino Is The Toughest Uncle In The World

By TC | 3 Comments

You know you're on to something when you make a storied rap career just by being yourself.


Maino – “2011 Predictions”

By MZ | 2 Comments

Now that Maino's three years in with his "Prediction" songs, it's safe to officially call them a series.


Maino – “Retaliate” Video

By TC | 2 Comments

Maino prescribes the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" ideology, even if he has the kick the enamel right out of your mouth.


Maino – “Girlfriend” Video


If you're familar with Maino's debut album, you already know his luck with the ladies wasn't the best as he threatened to send his baby momma packing to the afterlife, courtesy of a thirty-story building swan dive.

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