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Watch Mach Five’s Short Film, ‘We Ballin’

By TSSCrew

We've been waiting on Mach Five's mini-movie to show up and today's the day.


iNDEED, Gilles & Mach Five – “Crash” (Prod. SMKA)

By Julie J.

As if we needed further proof that The Hang Out in Atlanta was the place to be, iNDEED, Mach Five, and Gilles provide that with "Crash.


Mach Five Ft. Trinidad Jame$ – “Pimp Scholar”

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

A wise man once said that pimpin' and hoein' will be a part of this world's existence until the earth stops spinnin' and they cut the lights off.

Art Rap (Mach Five)

Mach Five – “Just Kickin’” Video

By Julie J.

Though the one-sided conversation in the beginning had me expecting a raging house party, what follows in Mach Five's "Just Kickin'" is much more of a mellow affair.


Mach Five – Art Rap LP

By Julie J. | 4 Comments

Just when you think you know what to expect with Mach Five, they go and deliver an incredibly unexpected collection of songs in Art Rap.

Art Rap (Mach Five)

Mach Five Ft. Trinidad James – “Who You Rollin’ Wit”

By Gotty™ | 4 Comments

More molly music before Mach Five's Art Rap drops next Tuesday.

Art Rap (Mach Five)

Mach Five – “The Juxtaposition” Video

By Julie J.

With the release of their Art Rap LP looming on the horizon, Mach Five reveal another side to themselves in "The Juxtaposition.

Art Rap

Mach Five Feat. Gangsta Boo “Don’t Play”

By Julie J.

Mach Five and Gangsta Boo must have downed some of their "Turn Up Juice" before heading back to the studio to record "Don't Play.


Mach Five – Ratchet Shit: The Album

By Julie J. | 2 Comments

Breathing another lifetime into their Ratchet Shit trilogy, Mach Five decided to make life easy for everyone by mixing them altogether into one effortless download.


Mach Five’s “Ratchet Shit Tour” Attacks Chicago

By Julie J.

After releasing their Ratchet Shit trilogy, the natural progression for Mach Five was to hit the road and spread their gospel of ratchet to the masses.


Mach Five Feat. Gangsta Boo – “Turn Up Juice” Video

By Julie J.

Infomercials haven’t been the same since 2009, when The Sham Wow Guy was arrested for fighting with a prostitute, and soon thereafter, long-time product peddler Billy Mays suddenly died.


Mach Five – Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

By Julie J.

In terms of epic trilogies, the Ratchet Shit series falls up there with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones.


Mach Five Feat. Gangsta Boo – “Turn Up Juice”

By J. Tinsley

To be completely honest, the only reason this song was given a listen was because of the Gangsta Boo feature.

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