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Loud (Rihanna Album)

The iPod Shuffle – Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink To That)”

By Raj | 2 Comments

Photo: Julia Beverly Despite what the Mayans predicted, another new year is upon us and with any luck 2013 can build on everything that came in 2012.


Rihanna Does Brazil

By Gotty™ | 29 Comments

Rihanna something something something Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Loud (Rihanna Album)

Rihanna – “Cheers (Drink To That)” Video

By Gotty™ | 4 Comments

Rihanna drops a new video but it's not the late night update many a man's hoping for right now.


In Photos: Rihanna Takes Over Staples Center

By TC | 26 Comments

It goes without saying that Rihanna is on The List since she's one of pop culture's hottest commodities even when she's sitting quietly in the corner.

Anthony Mandler

Rihanna – “Man Down” Video

By TC | 7 Comments

If Bob shot the sheriff, then Redhead RiRi took the defendant, judge, jury and officer out with her pistol.

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