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Charity Starts At Home

My Life According To Phonte Part 5: Charity Starts At Home

By David D. | 27 Comments

For a newly married man, Charity Starts At Home was a guide to married life that didn't pull any punches.


My Life According To Phonte Part 4: The Milk’s Gone Bad

By David D. | 25 Comments

When I started this series about Phonte, I knew it'd come to this. This being about the time Tigallo let me down.

Percy Miracles

The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “Cheatin”

By Beware | 11 Comments

Revisiting the hilarious throwback from The Minstrel Show.

9th Wonder

My Life According To Phonte Part 3: Tigallo Sets The Blueprint

By David D. | 16 Comments

Two people made me want to do what I do for a living now.

9th Wonder

My Life According To Phonte, Part 2: Blackface And A Storm Named Katrina

By David D. | 18 Comments

I'm not sure if this is true for everyone in college, but it's pretty much law for everyone I've talked to.


The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother Ft. Kanye West and Consequence’s “I See Now”

By S.Cadet | 15 Comments

It doesn't seem so long ago when Little Brother were the exciting, new hip-hop kids on the block and Kanye West wasn't a pop star we wanted to punch in the face.

9th Wonder

My Life According To Phonte, Part 1: Backpacking To North Carolina

By David D. | 18 Comments

Prologue: I hate that when Little Brother is mentioned, Rapper Big Pooh is merely an afterthought.

9th Wonder

The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “The Yo-Yo”

By S.Cadet | 19 Comments

Music in your formative years often ties to a good memory or feeling.

Big K.R.I.T.

Surviving The Struggle: 20 Motivational Rap Songs

By Beware | 39 Comments

Rap's full of obnoxious boasts and rants of wanting life's finer things.


Count It Off: 22 Tunes With Numbered Titles

By Ryan J. | 4 Comments

Graphics By Dimplez We here at The Smoking Section love playlists (as evidenced by our monthly Crew Love posts).


On Drake, Phonte & The Fear Of Getting Murdered On Your Own Sh*t

By David D. | 87 Comments

In this month's issue of The Source, cover boy Drake dished out his top five albums of all time.


The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “Say It Again”

By J. Tinsley | 15 Comments

"I love Hip-Hop, I just hate the n*ggas in it.


Little Brother Grows Up: 9th Wonder & Phonte Reconcile

By Beware | 13 Comments

As fans of many Hip-Hop purists' favorite trio from the past decade, it's been a shame to see Little Brother fall apart for whatever reason, especially since we here @ TSS have grown up alongside them, to a certain extent.

DJ Brainchild

Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 19

By Gotty™

Pic: GOT With over an hour of music and social commentary, the Shirt is back.

Kwame Kilpatrick

5.8 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 28 Comments

Meisha Dear Mama: 15 Mother's Day Videos [Billboard] Woman Bedbound For 6 Months By Huge Breasts [The Sun] Every Magazine Your Girlfriend Ever Read [TRU] Alabama Man Awarded $1,000,000 for Perfection [2KSports] 40,000 Sex Workers Will Flood South Africa for the World Cup [Gawker] Little Brother [...].

3:16 Video Series

The Week That Was: The RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Edition

By MZ | 10 Comments

-- Guru's passing put a damper on 4:20 and perhaps added incentive for countless fans to "Take Two And Pass" with his spirit in mind.

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