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Flawless Victory: Jon Stewart & Jessica Williams Nail The Jordan Davis/Michael Dunn Verdict

By J. Tinsley | 15 Comments

Pro-Michael Dunn? Have some humble pie served fresh out the oven by Jessica Williams and Jon Stewart.


Jon Stewart Continues To Expose Hypocrisy Of Republican Party, FOX News For Government Shutdown

By J. Tinsley | 14 Comments

Jon Stewart keeps this up and this fight will be more one-sided than the last Mayweather title bout.

Digital News

Republicans Congratulate Everyone But Obama…Again

By David D. | 5 Comments

As a journalist my job is to objectively report news in a digestible, intelligent manner.


America’s Economy As Told By Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

By J. Tinsley | 2 Comments

For those brave enough to watch the news, knowing the American economy has seen better days is common knowledge.

2011 NBA Playoffs

The Week That Was: The We’re Still Here Edition

By J. Tinsley | 3 Comments

Photo: eiknarf -- The world seems to be in working order, but we still want those questions answered.


Jon Stewart Travels Into Enemy Territory, Ethers Bill O’Reilly

By J. Tinsley | 25 Comments

When we last left Jon Stewart, he was busy laying into FOX News the same way your mother did when you brought home a less than stellar report card.


Jon Stewart Steps On FOX News’ Neck

By J. Tinsley | 28 Comments

Yesterday, we received some slight flack for not addressing the highly toxic FOX News/Common/White House controversy.

Brandon Davies

3.7 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 13 Comments

Emaly Lugo Lupe Fiasco's Dad Loaned Samurai Mike His Armor [NBC Chicago] Straight Stuntin #16 Preview [Spizzy] MTV Bans Kanye West “Monster” Video [Rap Radar] Jon Stewart Says BYU’s Brandon Davies Doesn’t Exist [TUD] MS-13 Gangster's Post-Murder Cry: "The Beast Has Eaten" [Gothamist] Phil Collins Apologizes [...].


Slim Thug Feat. Peter Hadar & Young Black – “Still A Boss” Video

By TC | 3 Comments

With his recession woes out in the forefront, the Boss Hogg proves he still gettin' $$$.

Jon Stewart

Video: Slim Thug On The Daily Show

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

If you feel your ribs touching during these hard economic times, fret not for you are not alone.

Comedy Central

If Death Panels Were Real…

By TSSCrew | 3 Comments

The fact that comedian Jon Stewart was recently proclaimed “America’s most trusted newsman” as the result of a Time magazine online poll really speaks to the state of our mainstream media’s coverage of the news.

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