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Angela Simmons

6.10 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 9 Comments

Jossie Chain Reaction: A History of Plies’ Greatest Chains [Complex] What Your Choice of Super Soaker Says About You [Buzzfeed] Big Ben Video, Evidence Released [With Leather] Is Eminem's 'Recovery' More Than Just Celebrity Rehab.

10 Most Racist Moments In TV

10 Most Racist Moments In TV History

By TC | 20 Comments

And wouldn't you know it, Don Imus ranks in at #8.

2008 Presidental Election


By David D. | 8 Comments

I personally get extremely peeved when I see a comedian roast someone then kiss that person’s ass when the celebrity shows up.

2008 Presidental Election

And Now, We Wait…

By David D. | 26 Comments

Barring some sort of major fiasco, the big game-changing moments are over.

2008 Presidental Election

Third Times A Charm…

By Gotty™ | 83 Comments

Kids learn this type of bullshit behavior from the adults in their lives.

Barack Obama

“Pee Pants Over Here…”

By LC Weber | 7 Comments

When things get as bad as they were this week -- what with the plunging world economy -- laughter is indeed the best medicine.

2008 Presidental Election

PSL: Politics As A Second Language

By Gotty™ | 30 Comments

After the debate last night, I watched Nightline for a translation of what really went down that maybe I wasn't aware of or able to read between the lines of.

Barack Obama

Iron Mic: Palin Vs. Palin

By LC Weber | 111 Comments

With the advent of the first potentially interesting vice presidential debate in history, Contra™ and I were horrified to learn the whole thing will be scripted.

Barack Obama

“The Away Team…”

By David D. | 103 Comments

If you haven’t already, you need to go ahead and cancel those Friday night plans.

David Letterman

Letterman Ethers McCain

By Gotty™ | 24 Comments

John McCain has made a crucial mistake.

David Letterman

The Dozens…

By Gotty™ | 16 Comments

Since we've been accused of showing favoritism towards Obama, I've taken upon myself to show you that John McCain is an okay, old white dude in his own right.

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