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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kanye And Jimmy Kimmel To Square Off Wednesday Night

By Gotty™ | 17 Comments

Publicity stunt or real deal differences to be worked through, we'll find out tomorrow night.

Affordable Care Act

Jimmy Kimmel Shows That Most Americans Don’t Even Know What An Obamacare Is

By TSSCrew | 20 Comments

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel proves once again that most Americans don't know half of what they think they know.


Jimmy Kimmel Uses Kids To Spoof That Insane Kanye Interview

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel or one of his staffers must have been goofing off on the 'net yesterday like everybody else and stumble upon that wondrous Kanye interview with BBC.

Daphne Avalon

Last Week’s Worst Twerk Fail EVER Was Just a Big Jimmy Kimmel Troll

By Ryan J. | 21 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel, everyone's favorite celebrity troll, had an admission for his talk show audience last night: last week's insanely popular "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire" video was a hoax, and he masterminded it.


Lil Wayne Is Looking To Retire After ‘Tha Carter 5′

By Word | 21 Comments

Lil Wayne finally appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, after missing past dates due to illness.

2012 Elections

Chris Rock: Obama’s The White President You Can Trust

By J. Tinsley | 7 Comments

By now, either you're voting for Mitt Romney or President Obama.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Possible “The Dark Knight Rises” Spinoff

By AJ | 12 Comments

For those yet to see The Dark Knight Rises but still plan on it, this post should be off-limits because spoilers follow.


Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Kanye’s Twitter Rant, Gives More Kids Crappy Presents

By Ryan J. | 10 Comments

For the better part of 2011, Kanye West's Twitter account remained unusually silent.


Manny Pacquiao & Jimmy Kimmel Ask “How Deep Is Your Love”

By Jason H. | 9 Comments

As the resident Filipino of TSS, I was going to comment on this after the Pacquiao-Marquez III fight on November 12th however I felt compelled to write after viewing the last night's Pac-Man karaoke session on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Jimmy Kimmel Enters The Ninja With Die Antwoord

By Beware | 20 Comments

When we brought up Die Antwoord and their immensely-engaging "Enter the Ninja" video a few months back, this South African trio had the masses talking.

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