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Calvin Butts

“We’re Not Against Rap…We’re Not Against Rappers…”

By J. Tinsley | 17 Comments

Nowadays, Hip-Hop being so effortlessly woven into the fabric of everyday culture is the norm.

A Bathing Ape

11.9 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 20 Comments

Raya Reaves Elderly Couple Wins $11Million In Lottery…And Gives It All Away [GOT] Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj Beef Makes Aspiring Female Singer Cry [TUD] Jay-Z Joins Tim Westwood To Discuss Illuminati, Babies & Willow Smith [Miss Info] Jesse Jackson Vs.

Angels & Demons

5.5 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 15 Comments

Titillating Tuesdays Simona Mihiela 'Angels & Demons' Director Ron Howard Accuses Vatican Of Meddling [Yahoo] Jesse Jackson Says NAACP Must Help the Auto Industry [Black Voices] Rare DOOM Interview [URB] The Most Honest Car Salesman Ever [BoH] Clean Like Dish Detergent [C&D] Black HERstory Month: Ida [...].

Jesse Jackson

Notable Quotable – The Game’s “Letter To The King”

By TC | 32 Comments

The Word "nigger" is nothing like "nigga" Don't sound shit alike Like Game like Jigga One came before the other Like aim and pull the trigger One is slain for my brother One is hanging, take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive, go fix it Pour some gasoline on 'em, call his daughters Black bitches Make 'em pick cotton, while they momma cleaning up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees, that's the cotton they was pickin' If Dr.

Barack Obama

Nas To Jesse – “Your Time Is Up.”

By Gotty™ | 59 Comments

"I think Jesse Jackson, he's the biggest player hater," Nas fumed during a conference call.

Barack Obama

“Don’t Let Me Down…”

By Gotty™ | 48 Comments

Before this thing unravels any bigger to reveal more fuckery, let us just remind Jesse, who should've remembered anyways because of "Hymiettown," that nothing you say as a media entity goes unheard.

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