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I'm In Love With A Church Girl

Ja Rule’s “In Love With Church Girl” Who Happens To Be Adrienne Bailon

By J. Tinsley | 25 Comments

Before Michael Phelps-diving into the comments section, just know these two facts.

Artist Weeks

#DMXWeek: DMX Vs. New York City

By J. Tinsley | 24 Comments

Following a lineage of legendary Big Apple artists before him, none in history exploded with the level of intensity and graphicness Earl forced upon the world on his debut It's Dark & Hell Is Hot.


The 10 Worst Grammy Nominees For “Best Rap Album”

By David D. | 45 Comments

We've all come to accept the fact that the Grammys have totally lost touch with Rap music and what is considered, you know, good.


Happy Birthday To The Leap Year Baby, Ja Rule

By David D. | 14 Comments

Graphic: JayB We didn't really have any special planned to celebrate Ja Rule's birthday.

Hype Williams

Ja Rule – “Real Life Fantasy” Video

By Beware | 4 Comments

Isn't it amazing, that after years over commercial dominance, Ja Rule can't get a single to stick in 2012.


RIAA-Ruined Rap: The 20 Worst Platinum Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time

By TC | 93 Comments

We all know the saying, "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't.

7 Aurelius

Ja Rule Feat. Leah Siegal – “Parachute”

By Beware

No matter your stance on the guy, you've got to give it up for Ja Rule.


12.9 The Maildrop — What Happened To Wiz Khalifa, How To Win At Fantasy Basketball & Hermaphrodite Swag

By TSSCrew | 39 Comments

Quickly becoming one of our favorite posts to dedicate time towards - mainly because it involves both the writers and those who graciously stop by our neck of the e-woods - we present the third installment of The Maildrop.

Crime And Punishment

Ja Rule Talks Suicide In His First Letter From Prison

By J. Tinsley | 21 Comments

Ja Rule is adjusting to prison life about as well as possibly expected.


Ja Rule Better Get Comfortable, Sentenced To 28 Additional Months In Prison

By J. Tinsley | 19 Comments

Barring any other factors, the next time Ja Rule can walk the streets of New York City will be the Fall of 2013.


The Six People LeBron James Should Meet During The Lockout

By J. Tinsley | 26 Comments

Two wins and Dirk Nowitzki separated reality from my carefully orchestrated "I told you so" victory plan.

Crime And Punishment

Well, Ja Rule Goes To Prison Today

By Gotty™ | 11 Comments

Just an overall strange week for famous Black guys.

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