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A$AP Rocky – “Unicorn” x “Riot Rave” (Instrumentals)

By Beware | 3 Comments

Lord Flacko delivers the first two beats off his oddly named instrumental project.

Danny! Swain

Danny! – “Don’t Remind Me” (Instrumental)

By Gotty™

A good place to start to put your mind at ease on a Friday morning.


9th Wonder – Bladey Mae (Beat Tape)

By S.Cadet | 2 Comments

9th Wonder always injects soul into his music and adds historic perspectives in and outside the classroom.


SMKA Presents 808 Blake’s Love Child (Instrumental Album)

By Beware | 4 Comments

When you're part of a well-oiled collective like SMKA, standing alone aside from the brand isn't easy.


Malek Makes Magic With Only Some Pencils

By Beware | 4 Comments

As a producer, there are times when you search through endless stacks of vinyl or folders of midi instruments and still get stuck without that one sound your beat needs most.


Big K.R.I.T. – ’4evaNaDay’ Instrumentals

By Gotty™ | 14 Comments

Here's every aspiring rapper to pick up a Big K.


10 Overused Beats That Too Many Rappers Rapped On

By Beware | 53 Comments

Ever since Drake dropped a verse on Migos’ Summer smash, we’ve been inundated with various “Versace” remixes from nearly every emcee known to man.


Jamal Smith Rips A Different Set Of Boards as Poptartpete

By S.Cadet | 3 Comments

Rap has enjoyed a curious relationship with skating over the years.


Talen Ted – Legends Day (Beat Tape)

By Beware

When a budding producer such as Talen Ted drops an instrumental project like Legends Day, you wonder why no one's rapped to these beats.


Black Milk – Synth Or Soul Instrumental EP

By AJ | 4 Comments

Detroit emcee/producer Black Milk's instrumental EP goes by Synth or Soul.


Scoop DeVille – “The Recipe” (Scoopaloop Remix)

By Beware

Did anyone else somehow not realize K-Dot's ".


Block Beattaz – R.E.B.E.L. Instrumental EP (Director’s Cut)

By Gotty™

Rare is that we get to actually hear from Block Beattaz.


Blue Sky Black Death – “Aquatic Reverie” Instrumental Album

By Julie J. | 7 Comments

Young God and Kingston, collectively known as production duo Blue Sky Black Death, shared Aquatic Reverie with the Internuts last week.

Instrumental Albums

DJ E.F.Cuttin – “Baggage Claim” Instrumental Tape

By David D.

If you've seen Curren$y perform across the country as part of any of his tours, then you've seen E.

3M Productions

Nesby Phips – Floorsleeps V (Beat Tape)

By J. Tinsley

Some projects just don't need the hassle of a rapper, as seen with Chase's new creation.

Instrumental Albums

Chase N. Cashe – Verde (Beat Tape)

By Greg Whitt

“Playing the game the right way” is a clichéd phrase generally used by old school coaches in reference to slow, white, running backs and point guards, but it applies to the Surf Club’s Chase N. Cashe.

#BSIDES Instrumentals

Clams Casino – #BSIDES Instrumentals

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

The only qualm with Clams Casinos' INSTRUMENTALS 2 freebie.

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