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T.I. Tried To Give Floyd Mayweather His First Loss And There’s Video

By TSSCrew | 80 Comments

The tiny rapper tries to bring it to the champ's front door?


Donald Sterling Reportedly Close To Selling The Clippers Meaning He’s Going To Break The Bank Soon

By Bansky | 15 Comments

Sterling is on his way out the door, but he's taking a boatload of money with him.


Johnny Manziel Sued For Sexual Harassment After His Penis Allegedly Gave A Woman Nightmares

By Ryan J. | 29 Comments

Accuser claims Johnny Football sent her nudes which caused her to "have nightmares."

Beats By Dre

Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Sued For Unpaid Beats Royalties

By Darius Sinclair™ | 12 Comments

One guy wants The Doctor and Iovine to pay what they owe.

Controversy Sells

Mark Cuban Is Either Really Racist Or Very Realistic

By David D. | 136 Comments

"I know I'm prejudiced" but "we all have our bigotry."


Macklemore Is Trying Really Hard To Make Sure Everyone Hates Him

By DrHipHop85 | 54 Comments

Mack pissed off one of the four sacred cows of American outrage.

Billboard Music Awards 2014

King Resurrected: Michael Jackson’s Hologram Performs At Billboard Music Awards

By Gotty™ | 32 Comments

It's about time music fans from other genres get creeped out by ghost-like performances from their favorites, too.

Charity Anne Johnson

31-Year-Old High School Sophomore Arrested In Texas Because

By AJ | 6 Comments

Charity Anne Johnson will not be able to accept the nomination for prom queen.


On Solange, #BringBackOurGirls And The High Horse To Nowhere

By David D. | 38 Comments

I'm a human being with a mostly-functioning brain. Which means I have the ability to think about two things over the course of a day. It's a perk of evolution.


Imagine That: Solange Disowns Beyonce

By Gotty™ | 34 Comments

The two sisters silence speaks volumes.

Anderson Cooper

Donald Sterling Says Magic Johnson Is Bad Because AIDS

By J. Tinsley | 35 Comments

Donald Sterling apologizes, but he damn sure isn't apologizing to Magic Johnson.

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