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Cee-Lo Green

Don Trip Feat. Scarface & Cee-Lo – “Letter To My Son” (Remix)

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If you told Don Trip growing up he'd have a record with both Scarface and Cee-Lo Green, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

Guerrilla (Don Trip Mixtape)

Notable Quotable: Don Trip On “Trap’d In The Trap”

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"Say he graduated, got his diploma Got three kids, two baby mommas Got a part-time job at McDonald's There ought to be reality shows for his drama He owe child support, so he got warrants Got locked up, released the next mornin' Post bail, lost his job the same mornin' Savin' for a rainy day, it's bout to start pourin' Now, he on the job hunt for a new employer Gotta' feed his son and his two daughters No, he don't sell dope, 'cause he got morals And his kids' future is what he's lookin' forward to And he got a girlfriend he want to give more to And she got a grocery list of shit he can't afford to do He got job interviews n court, too Let's wish him luck and hope he finds a horseshoe.

Blu Tops EP

Stray Shots: Don Trip’s “Guerrilla” Mixtape, Ski Beatz “Blu Tops” EP & LA The Dark’s “Midwest Kush 2″

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Mondays can be hit or miss on most weeks but I guess we're blessed since here are three good projects to start the week off.

Guerrilla (Don Trip Mixtape)

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Don Trip

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Unlike most rappers, Don Trip doesn’t rap just to get rich.

DJ Drama

Don Trip – “Die Slow”

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"This is my life, I'm not entertained at all, See if you can fix this with control, delete and alt.

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