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AWILV: Another Weekend In Los Vegas

G-Scott – “Maryland, Massachusetts”

By Beware | 3 Comments

Anyone who can figure out why G-Scott's latest offering is named after two East Coast states but mentions neither will probably be able to figure what type of track they're getting into.

King Of Nowhere

G-Scott – “Don’t Say That”

By J. Tinsley

G-Scott normally delivers something worthy of a head nod.

1983 (G-Scott)

G-Scott – “Mary Poppins” Video x 1983 Mixtape

By Beware | 6 Comments

From the deep depths of Gary, Indiana, comes G-Scott and his latest release, 1983.

1983 (G-Scott)

G-Scott – “Rich Broke” Video

By Beware

"I be coughing up blood, fighting my own demons" Whether you grew up struggling to eat amidst great family values or currently hold down a job you hate that pays your bills in full, every one of us has had the "Rich Broke" feelings G-Scott speaks of in his latest video.

Boldy James

G-Scott – Weekend In Las Vegas Mixtape

By Beware | 2 Comments

If you've ever been to Sin City, you're probably well aware Nevada's hot spot is not all it's cracked up to be.


G Scott – “The Market” Video

By Beware

"Stopped chasing ass and started chasing aspiration.


G-Scott – “Folded” Video

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

A rap song whose video is shot in a laundry mat, incorporates Sun Drop's and craftily uses Phoenix's "1901" gets two raging thumbs up on this side.

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