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Did David Spade Get Catfished?

By AJ | 8 Comments

MTV's Catfish is, if nothing else, interesting.

Paul Scheer

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Get A Record Deal From “Funny Or Die”

By AJ | 22 Comments

With "Thrift Shop" continuing to dominate radio stations across the country, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are flying in some pretty exclusive air.


QoTD: Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

By AJ | 23 Comments

Pic: spyonpea Turkey will always be the Thanksgiving Table's BMOC.


Screw Chick-fil-A, KFC Loves Gays

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

By now, all Americans are aware of Chick-fil-A's stance on homosexuality but there's another player who has a beak in this battle - KFC.

Andre Royo

Watch “The Wire: The Musical” & Be Infinitely Amused

By Gotty™ | 9 Comments

Photo: Art Of The Wire The Wire is the greatest TV show ever and we will always hold this truth to be self-evident that no other dramatic series will be equal.


Tom Brady Stars In “Funny Or Die” Clip, Clarifies He’s Not From Boston

By Ryan J. | 4 Comments

Excuse anyone for thinking that Tom Brady isn't from New England.

Funny Or Die

Brian McKnight Is Ready To Laugh At Himself…And Still Show You Your Inner Vagina Workings

By David D. | 13 Comments

You ever had people make fun of you and even though it really hurt your feelings but you had no choice but to laugh along to make it seem like you were in on the joke, too.


Nickelback Pokes Fun At Detroit’s Dislike

By Beware | 8 Comments

If anyone was going to redeem Nickelback after the mere thought of their Thanksgiving performance got panned by the general public, it's Funny Or Die! Yes, the website built from Ron Burgundy's ashes has enlisted the Alberta, Canada band and that squirelly fellow from The League to come up with ideas that will uphold the Motor City's high standards.


Mike Tyson Spoofs Herman Cain For Funny Or Die

By TC | 8 Comments

It may be political season for most Republican presidential candidate hopefuls, but everyday is open season on Herman Cain and his continuous character assassination in pop culture.

Brenda Song

Watch: Don Cheadle As A Bizarro Captain Planet

By TC | 13 Comments

Anyone old enough to remember the crime-fighting, recycling, Earth Day heroics of Captain Planet should appreciate the sheer ignorance of this spoof.

Digital News

Blake Griffin, Funny Or Die’s Newest Intern

By Gotty™ | 6 Comments

Every NBA baller's searching for a way to stay busy during these desperate lockout days.


Funny Or Die’s “Field Of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout”

By J. Tinsley | 10 Comments

Sometimes when pain is so intense, the only thing you can do is laugh.


What Happens When Odd Future Gets Signed?

By TC | 13 Comments

In 1975, Roy Harper sat in some cheeky music executive's office on behalf of Pink Floyd, only to discover their sensory perception began and ended with sight---of potential dollar signs.

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