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100 Word Review: Hopsin’s ‘Knock Madness’

By Samir S.

Fairly or not, Hopsin has been pigeonholed in some corners as a kind of YouTube warrior, the type that champions “real Hip-Hop,” and such.


Guilt-Free Listening: Hopsin’s ‘Knock Madness’

By Raj | 3 Comments

On the eve of Hopsin's album's release, Funk Volume's put an official stream of Knock Madness up on YouTube for all to try before buying.

Funk Volume

Jarren Benton – “Life In The Jungle” Video

By Raj

Jarren Benton comes from a dark place.

Funk Volume

Dizzy Wright – “Killem Wit Kindness” Video

By Raj | 2 Comments

Dizzy's on the brink of blowing up but his new found status hasn't gone to his head just yet.

Funk Volume

Dizzy Wright – “Still Movin’” Video

By Gotty™

"Independent living, and we still moving" Dizzy Wright's come a long way since signing with Funk Volume in 2011 and he's done everything within his power to keep his fans tied into the journey.

Dizzy Wright

Who Had The Best Verse On Funk Volume’s “Funk Volume 2013?”

By Raj | 8 Comments

Each member of the crew has their own distinct style of music, but if there's one song where we can expect all of them show up and just spit, it's Funk Volume's annual ushering of the new year song.

Funk Volume

Dizzy Wright Ft. Jarren Benton – “Hotel Stripper” Video

By Raj | 4 Comments

It's out of the norm for young Dizzy Wright, but the Vegas-hailing emcee "Hotel Stripper" adds another dimension to his music.

Funk Volume

Hopsin – “Sag My Pants” Video

By Raj | 6 Comments

Hopsin's "Sag My Pants" may be leaning on the older side, but it's never too late re-visualize a defining record with some animation.


Jarren Benton, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & SwizZz – “Funk Volume Cypher”

By Gotty™ | 3 Comments

"N*gga, no one believes, You should kill your momma, she's the dumb b*tch that conceived you.

Aleon Craft

3 Questions With Jarren Benton x “Half Ounce, Quarter Pound” Video

By Raj

Funk Volume's newest member, Jarren Benton released one hell of a mixtape in Freebasing With Kevin Bacon.

Chris Le

Dizzy Wright Ft. SwizZz & Hopsin – “Independent Living” Video

By Raj | 6 Comments

The Funk Volume train's been moving full steam ahead for some time now, with Dizzy Wright using a very solid (and slept-on) album, Smokeout Conversations.

Funk Volume

Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5″

By Raj | 26 Comments

It's been a one year to the day since we saw what was going on inside that demented mind of Hopsin and today's his birthday again, so in celebration he let loose his fifth installment of "Ill Mind of Hopsin.

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