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5 Possible Reasons Why Solange Tried To Beat Jay Z’s A**

By Gotty™ | 16 Comments

The biggest question remaining from the Jay-Solange fight video is why the hell was Blue's crazy auntie throwing bows and kicks in the first place.

4 The Lulz

50 Cent Hilariously Explains The Whole Jay Z-Solange Fight

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

“Now what was that slick sh*t you said? Nah, nah, f*ck that Marcy sh*t. N*gga, this Houston! Get the f*ck off of me!

Coach TDK

Watch A Battle Rap Go From Bad To A Beatdown

By Gotty™ | 39 Comments

I haven't seen a rap battle turn violent in some time.


Watch: Shia LaBeouf Get His Ass Kicked In The Streets Of Vancouver

By TC | 18 Comments

The ubiquity of TMZ is so ridiculously high, one could speculate that they're some axis power who conspires to start trouble just so they can present it to us.

Big Boy's Neighborhood

Game Expresses His Gripes With Jay-Z & Gets In A Hollywood Street Fight

By Raj | 25 Comments

Jayceon Taylor sure knows how to keep his name in the news when he has an album dropping.


Lil B In “Worst Interview Ever”

By TC | 54 Comments

I'm sorry this had to be my first Lil B post.


Video: Mortal Kombat Bus Bloodbath

By TC | 20 Comments

Just yesterday, we witnessed a video of historic significance in the world wide web's storied existence.


It’s About To Be A Bus Fight

By David D. | 96 Comments

Gottsdale has passed the buck given me the opportunity to take his place as honorary fight translator.

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