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6th Sense

The 100-Word Review: Tanya Morgan’s ‘Rubber Souls’

By Beware | 3 Comments

When your last project is considered an underground classic, following up is a tough task.


Guilt-Free Listening: Tanya Morgan’s ‘Rubber Souls’ Album Stream

By TSSCrew | 2 Comments

After debuting their "Never Too Much" video, Tanya Morgan's back with their new album for everyone's listening pleasure.

Kanye West

Donwill Ft. Von Pea, NE$$ & Chill Moody – “Kanye Rants”

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

Donwill, being the mad scientist that he is, heard music in Kanye's Goose-addled rant at Pusha T's album listening.

6th Sense

Tanya Morgan Ft. Nitty Scott, MC – “Never Too Much” Video

By Beware | 7 Comments

After a hiatus that left fans feeling parched for their fluid bounce and considerate lyrics, Tanya Morgan is back on the block with a new single, "Never Too Much.


Tanya Morgan – You And What Army EP

By TC | 3 Comments

Only a talented troupe of rappers could become stronger after losing a few members.

6th Sense

Nitty Scott, MC x Mick Boogie – The Cassette Chronicles Mixtape

By TC | 6 Comments

Sure, Nitty Scott is an attractive, soft-spoken female in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, but she's a microphone fiend at heart, thus the last name is MC is attached. And while looks can take you places, they tend to get little reverence in the alleys of respect. Gearing up for war for your acceptance, Nitty Scott, MC has her Scotch® tape in one hand and JVC on her shoulder as she links with Mick Boogie for The Cassette Chronicles, an analog mixtape for a new breed of digital fatale. Lyrically assassinating tracks over Gang Starr, 6th Sense and Donwill beats, radio freestyles and exclusive original material, Lil Nitty's stepping up to the plate for spring training. Throw her the ball. And get in the outfield. She might belt one out the park on ya. Download -- Nitty Scott, MC & Mick Boogie - The Cassette Chronicles Mixtape Don Cusack In High Fidelity

Donwill Feat. Nicky Guiland – “Breathe” Video

By TSSCrew

Donwill, one of the three two talented emcees from Tanya Morgan, offers a track for those moments when the challenges of life seem overwhelming with "Breathe.

Che Grand

Donwill & Von Pea – The Sandwich Shop EP

By TC | 11 Comments

All fans of Tanya Morgan--new and old--should find this particular snack wrap and steal with its free price tag.

6th Sense

Mick Boogie – The Changemakers Mixtape

By MZ | 2 Comments

My name is my name © Frank Lucas Mick's upbringing and lifestyle may be slightly different the Frank's but they still share one important trait.

Diz Gibran

Sean Falyon – BE Everywhere

By TC | 2 Comments

Sean Falyon is like Hip-Hop's version of the Visa card®.

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