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Bass For Your Face

DJ Muggs Ft. Danny Brown – “Headfirst”

By Ryan J. | 7 Comments

If an EDM-loving Pacman machine ate Danny Brown, DJ Mugg's "Headfirst" would be the partially digested pieces found in its stool.

Bass For Your Face

DJ Muggs Feat. Freddie GIbbs – “Trapp Assassin”

By Beware | 7 Comments

Freddie Gibbs not only knows his lane, he carves it out himself with a damn hatchet.

DJ Muggs

Sean Price – “Haraam”

By Greg Whitt | 3 Comments

Sean P comes through with the grimy, punching people through school buses, no-nonsense lyricism that we’ve come to know and love on “Haraam.

Los Angeles Philippines

DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines

By TC | 2 Comments

If some rappers can represent virtual unreality 24/7, how about giving an artist who represents the real some burn for a change? Bambu owns his dual-citizenship as keyholder to both the Philippines and The City of Angels and together with DJ Muggs, he's down for some soul assassination on the lyrical tip with a heaping platter of food for thought on Los Angeles, Philippines.

DJ Muggs

The Kill Devil Hills Have Eyes

By TC | 2 Comments

DJ Muggs & Ill Bill are back with another televisionary reminder for their upcoming terrordome byproduct in Kill Devil Hills.

Kill Devil Hills

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill – “Ill Bill TV” Video

By MZ | 3 Comments

This song's inadvertently been part of my daily routine for the past few weeks thanks to it being in rotation over at Shade 45.

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