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Falling Into Place

David Dallas Ft. Ruby Frost – “The Wire” Video

By Julie J. | 5 Comments

Taken from the Kiwi’s latest album Falling Into Place.

Falling Into Place

David Dallas – “Runnin” Video

By Julie J. | 13 Comments

Don't be surprised if David Dallas' video for "Runnin" inspires you to get off your butt and hit the pavement, or at least start clapping along.

Buffalo Man

David Dallas – “Don’t Want The World” Video

By AJ | 3 Comments

With every new track, it becomes clearer that David Dallas is a dual threat.

Buffalo Man

David Dallas Is Quitting Rap Tomorrow

By Julie J. | 19 Comments

David Dallas is retiring from rap tomorrow.


David Dallas – Buffalo Man EP

By Ryan J. | 5 Comments

Leave it to someone as ecstatically diverse as David Dallas to create the Buffalo Man EP, a concept project which only samples British jazz-funk group Jamiroquai.

Buffalo Man

David Dallas – “Ever Get The Feeling” Video

By Julie J. | 6 Comments

"Ever Get The Feeling" that you're in the middle of a Planet Earth episode.

41 (Producer)

David Dallas – “Pay Off” Video

By Julie J. | 2 Comments

As the most recognizable face of New Zealand rap, David Dallas dropped onto my radar the day that he decided to include an adorable kitten in his music video.

41 (Producer)

David Dallas – “Pay Off”

By Ryan J. | 2 Comments

New Zealand's favorite ex-pat MC, David Dallas, is prepping the release of his new album, Falling Into Place, by releasing the lead single, "Pay Off.

Alexander Richter

David Dallas Feat. Buckshot – “Ain’t Coming Down” Video


It's always a great feeling when you're welcomed with open arms into your new environment.

Alexander Richter

David Dallas – “Start Lookin Round” Video

By TC | 3 Comments

To commemorate the arrival of international Hip-Hop product to North American shores, directors Tom Gould and Alexander Richter give David Dallas' New Zealand sense of vision a New Yorker's varnish for the "Start Lookin' Round" video.


David Dallas Feat. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona – “Feel Like Oasis”

By Gotty™ | 2 Comments

Take David Dallas' track title with a grain of salt: if he really felt like one of the Gallaghers, he'd be bitter, quarrelsome and feeling superficially great from knocking down a Scarface-sized mountain of nose candy.


David Dallas – “Take A Picture” Video

By Gotty™ | 7 Comments

David Dallas and production company Special Problems decided to get very creative with The Rose Tint's "Take A Picture.


David Dallas Feat. Che Fu – “Sideline” Video

By TSSCrew | 4 Comments

It’s Monday morning, my brain is moving just about as slow as can be, and joy of joys, it’s raining.

Alexander Richter

David Dallas – “Life Is…” Video

By Gotty™ | 9 Comments

After already stating how much I love David on "Life Is...," I think I like the video for the track even more and credit's due to Duck Down.

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