Hate is a strong word, and the brother of Love. Hate is Cain. Hate is the vengeful, rumble-vision demon within us that clouds our judgement and makes us weaker versions of ourselves. I don’t like using the word “hate,” and I avoid it whenever possible. I choose Love. But let me say, unequivocally, I hate Creed. I hate Creed like I hate Nickelback. What I find so distasteful about Creed isn’t even necessarily their music -- which is garbage -- but rather their attitude. They come from this holier-than-thou place that masquerades as being for Jesus, but ends up looking more like trying to get on Jesus’ level, if Jesus were played by Jason Borne with a voice like Eddie Vedder, and obsessed over his hair and washboard abs. Even the name Creed is self-involved and taking a number two on everyone else. A creed is a statement of belief. A Creed is a statement of braggadocio. Coming clean here, I don’t actually know any Creed songs; which speaks volumes about my distaste for them, and also my complete lack of credibility. But probably my favorite Creed song is one that House Shoes introduced to me called “Gibba Gab,” documented here in this video known as “Creed Shreds Again.