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Casey Affleck

Christian Bale’s ‘Out Of The Furnace’ Should Be Called ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’

By AJ | 8 Comments

Waiting breathlessly for a movie to drop is all good and well (I see you, Pacific Rim.

Christopher Nolan

Wait! So Christian Bale Might Play Batman In The New ‘Justice League’ Movie?!

By AJ | 8 Comments

Warner Brothers is staying pretty mum about most of the new developments surrounding the Justice League film.

Anne Hathaway

5 Spoilers & 5 Non-Spoilers From “The Dark Knight Rises”

By David D. | 50 Comments

There's a 90% chance that 98% of the people reading these words are planning on or already have seen Dark Knight Rises this weekend.

Anne Hathaway

This “The Dark Knight” 13-Minute Preview Everything You Wanted To See & More

By AJ | 46 Comments

As if you weren't already counting down the days until The Dark Knight Rises in waltzes Warner Bros.

3:10 To Yuma

7 Christian Bale Movies To See Before “Dark Knight Rises”

By AJ | 44 Comments

As is the case with most stars of iconic super hero movies, Christian Bale's legacy will always go something like Bruce Wayne first, any other role second.

Anne Hathaway

“The Dark Knight Rises” Anticipation Builds With New Trailer

By Gotty™ | 14 Comments

Set to be summer's final blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises keeps treating fans to teasers and trailers before the movie opens in theaters on July 20th.

Anne Hathaway

Watch The Latest “Dark Knight Rises” Movie Trailer

By AJ | 28 Comments

Hollywood's most profitable season is almost upon us.

Anne Hathaway

The Dark Knight Rises Again For Another Theatrical Trailer

By TC | 19 Comments

All of you Batman fiends looking for every inch of The Dark Knight Rises info you can get your hands on can rest easy for a second.

Christian Bale

11.28 The Cooler

By TSSCrew | 17 Comments

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Carnegie Mellon University

On The Set Of “The Dark Knight Rises”: Batman, Bane & The Batmobile

By TC | 18 Comments

Asking diehard Batman fans to wait until July 20, 2012 for The Dark Knight Rises to hit silver screens is like waiting for the day after eternity to arrive.


8.19 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

Tea Jett Is All Tied Up Man Escapes Charges For Barbecuing Pet Dog [CNN] Before There Was Twitter, There Was Blogger. And It’s Turning 10. [Tech Crunch] Fall’s Top Trends [Men Style] News Report on Michael Jackson's Proposed Clothing Line with Ed Hardy [Broken [...].

Brendan Haywood

8.18 The Cooler

By Gotty™ | 13 Comments

Latasha Charles To Brighten Up Your Tuesday Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James Confirmed To Host WWE's "Monday Night Raw" [Broken Cool] Who Needs iTunes? iLike Opens A Download Store [Hypebot] Is Brendan Haywood Really Worried About Starbury's Sexuality or Something Else? [The Sports [...].

50 Cent

TWTW: The Smokies Edition

By MZ | 6 Comments

I was fortunate to have a rare Friday off from work, so after lunch at Genji’s and a few hours roaming a barren wasteland Circuit City I was tuckered out.

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