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Asher Roth Feat. Buddy – “Roof Behind The Grill”

By AJ | 2 Comments

Those bemoaning another Fourth of July come and gone, keep your heads up.


Asher Roth – “Space” (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

By Beware | 4 Comments

Asher Roth must've got sick of that "Party Girl," because on his latest track the Def Jam rapper just wants a little "Space.


Asher Roth – “Outside”

By Beware

Whether it was stuck in a classroom or a cubicle at some dusty office, we've all had those moments where you find yourself hopelessly staring out a window, wishing you could partake in Mother Nature's playground.


Asher Roth Feat. Meek Mill – “Party Girl”

By Beware

Just because Asher toned down his red cup routine after his college years, doesn't mean he can't love an occasionally reckless "Party Girl.


Asher Roth Announces “Final 4″ Tour, Releases “Dope Sh!t” Video

By TC | 2 Comments

Released in the tail end of the 2011, Asher Roth's Pabst & Jazz technically missed its shot at being on a lot of year end lists but in my unhumble opinion, it's his best project to date.


Asher Roth – “Common Knowledge” Video

By TSSCrew | 4 Comments

Asher Roth is a battle-tested veteran at this point.

1500 Or Nothin

Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz Mixtape

By Gotty™ | 4 Comments

Asher Roth is joined by The Blended Babies and friends as he brings out his latest project, the Pabst & Jazz mixtape.


Asher Roth Feat. Action Bronson – “Choices”

By Beware | 14 Comments

"Been a grown man since the day I was born.

Asher Roth

Loosies: Asher Relaxes To Pabst, XV Sees Dead People, Schoolboy Q, Jim Jones & Ashanti

By Beware | 6 Comments

If you've ever attended college, whether you paid tuition or not, you're well aware Pabst is a staple of classy campuses across the US.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Feat. Asher Roth – “2 Complicated”

By Beware

It's been a while since we've heard Asher rock over anything this poppy.


Pac Div Feat. Asher Roth – “Useless”

By Beware | 6 Comments

Is anyone else surprised this minimalistic beat behind Pac Div's "Useless" duet with Asher Ash actually got used.

Chuck Inglish

Asher Roth – “In The Kitchen” Video

By TC | 10 Comments

It would seem that Asher is just making shit just for the sake of being visible.

Blended Babies

Asher Roth – “Ampersand”

By TC | 4 Comments

The verbose frat boy is just biding his time until he can get some greenlights flashing for his second LP.


Asher Roth – “In The Kitchen” (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

By TC | 2 Comments

When it comes to rap, the kitchen is normally associated with the d-boy sector, where the baking soda is cooked up for the ultimate fix.

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