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2012 NBA Playoffs

King Of Diamonds: LeBron James Now Owns A Championship Ring

By J. Tinsley | 70 Comments

"People are writing Miami off, but if they come back and win then win a championship, this will be the game that defines their post-season (and dynasty.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Nike Basketball Crowns LeBron James With “The Ring Maker” Commercial

By Gotty™ | 20 Comments

Remember how after a major victory and all the celebratory postgame speeches, players would pop up in a Johnny-on-the-spot TV commercial saying they were going to Disney World next.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Five

By J. Tinsley | 673 Comments

With Game 5 of the NBA Finals on a collision course with possible history, several questions stand at code red levels.

2012 NBA Playoffs

7 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Hate Every Single Miami Heat Fan

By David D. | 67 Comments

Last week, the good people at With Leather had a list of reasons it's socially acceptable to hate the Miami Heat.

2012 NBA Playoffs

2012 NBA Finals: Your Game Four Recap

By David D. | 34 Comments

Last night's game was billed as must-win for OKC as no team has been able to recover from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals in, like, ever.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Four

By Gotty™ | 219 Comments

After Sunday night's loss, can OKC's core three regroup and right the ship.

2012 NBA Playoffs

2012 NBA Finals: Your Game Three Recap

By J. Tinsley | 26 Comments

There are two reasons I've refrained from any real public discussion on the NBA Finals this year.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Three

By TSSCrew | 142 Comments

The Finals are tied 1-1 heading to South Beach and the time has come to pick a bandwagon to ride until the series ends.

2012 NBA Playoffs

5 Great Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By David D. | 6 Comments

Don't look now, but Father's Day is in two days.

2012 NBA Playoffs

2012 NBA Finals: Your 8-Point Game Two Recap

By AJ | 21 Comments

Game 2 of the NBA Finals started in a similar fashion as Game 1: the Miami Heat opening up a big lead, Oklahoma City battling back and making the fourth quarter must-watch basketball.

2012 NBA Playoffs

2012 NBA Finals: Your Game One Recap

By Gotty™ | 33 Comments

Game One was the first time the MVP and scoring champ have met in the Finals since 1997 and it was a tale of two halves that predicated the final outcome.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Crunch Time: 10 Points Of Emphasis For The 2012 NBA Finals

By TSSCrew | 38 Comments

Maybe LeBron James, Kevin Durant and their respective teams meeting in the NBA Finals is something that's been written in the sand for months now.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Last Of A Dying Breed: A Farewell To The Celtics’ Big Three

By David D. | 43 Comments

We're going to spend the next two weeks talking about the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, as we should.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Watch: All 45 Of King James’ Points In Game 6

By Gotty™ | 8 Comments

Try to disparage the name of LeBron James* all you want.

2012 NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat Fans Never Stop Believing!

By Gotty™ | 20 Comments

The Heat haven't shown themselves to be resilient in the face of adversity.

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